Flexible Trim & Moulding Resources

operation honor veteran proud memorial flag cases

Greg and Betsy Amundson, the couple behind InstaTrim, don’t just work together but also serve tog...

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Operation Honor - Veteran Proud Memorial Flag Cases

stairway treads household refresh

It’s often said that bathrooms and kitchens sell a house. They’re the two rooms you should spend ...

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Spring in Your Step: Stairway Treads

cover your crack with instatrim

You’ve made the decision to move. However, you don’t rent a house, you actually own a house and n...

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Fix Annoying Gaps & Cracks Before Listing Your Home

How is InstaTrim Reducing Garbage and Pollution

Freshening up your home’s decor shouldn’t make you feel guilty about producing garbage and contri...

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How is InstaTrim Reducing Garbage and Pollution

How to trim sinks with alternative caulk

Many customers realized trimming sinks in the kitchens and bathrooms is one of the most stressful...

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How to Trim Sinks in Your Home & Business

Using caulk strips for restaurant maintenance.

Restaurants… owners have to follow strict maintenance guidelines for health and safety reasons. W...

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Restaurant Caulking Maintenance Made Simple

How to trim windows with Instatrim trim strips

We all want a home we feel safe and comfortable living in. If we start seeing mold, or little ann...

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How to Trim Windows with InstaTrim

trim countertops in kitchens and baths

A question we often encounter: “how do I trim countertops with InstaTrim in my kitchen and bathro...

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How to Trim Countertops with InstaTrim

add style to your corners with instatrim

Everyone has at least one super awkward corner in their house. It’s that one corner we have no cl...

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Add Style to Your Corners with Colored InstaTrim

Instatrim is a Handyman's secret weapon

The Handyman’s Secret Weapon Do you offer handyman services? How many times have you gone to a c...

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Using InstaTrim with Handyman Services

How to use Instatrim to trim your home

When you started thinking about trimming your house, you probably sat down to research the best w...

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Trimming Your House? InstaTrim can Make it Perfect!

Silicone vs Instatrim for your shower or bathtub

It sounds crazy, we know. Especially since we’ve spent our entire lives being told the best way t...

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Say No to Caulking With Silicone

InstaTrim flexible cabinet trim

The difference between the kitchen you love and the kitchen that makes you squirm: gaps. More spe...

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Cabinet Trim Made Easy

seal out bugs with InstaTrim

Got bugs? It’s a silly question, since we can all agree everyone has bugs trying to invade their ...

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Got bugs? Seal Out Bugs with InstaTrim®

Instatrim is now available in Europe

InstaTrim® has received many calls and emails from those living all over Europe, eager to purchas...

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InstaTrim® Product is on Its Way to Europe

prep home for cold weather

Even without a weather report, or any animal seeing its shadow, we all know if you live in a cold...

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Using InstaTrim® to Prep Your Home for Cold Weather

how flexible trim solution began

Just like any other great product that people love, InstaTrim® The Flexible Trim Solution started...

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How InstaTrim® The Flexible Trim Solution Began

business uses for instatrim

We’re thrilled to offer our product as the fast solution for trimming needs to not only D.I.Y.-er...

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Using InstaTrim® for Your Business

Dos and Don’ts of Using InstaTrim

Installing InstaTrim® is much easier, and less messy, than working with caulk. However, it’s imp...

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Dos and Don’ts of Using InstaTrim

uncommon household uses for instatrim

Any time you hear caulk, you think bathrooms and kitchens, right? We get it. More often than not,...

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Uncommon Uses for InstaTrim®

Outdoor uses for Instatrim

Our customers all know just how well InstaTrim® works in their kitchens and bathrooms. However, t...

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Outdoor Uses for InstaTrim®

Get Instatrim to stay put using a few tools

A few of the issues that our customers struggle with are, proper surface preparation, removing al...

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Adhesives are Tricky. Get InstaTrim to Stay Put!

Coming soon applicator tool for Instatrim trim strips

DIY is fun and rewarding, but it can also be difficult, and we find that most people love tools ...

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New InstaTrim Applicator Tool

How to make Instatrim last longer

We hear a lot of feedback from our customers and we love it! Positive or negative, we read them a...

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Quick Tips for Making InstaTrim Last Longer