The Perfect View!

The Perfect View!

Our customers are continually coming up with new and unique applications for InstaTrim Flexible Trim Products. We recently received a wonderful review from a customer that shows an excellent example of creativity and “thinking out of the box”. Barbara, was finishing up a new glass block opening in their new exercise room and got creative. Glass blocks are inexpensive and relatively easy to install and once the opening is completed, installing the blocks is somewhat like building with Legos.  Barbara made the decision to utilize our InstaTrim Products to finish off the joints between glass blocks. This is an ingenious idea and the final results turned out very well.

InstaTrim Flexible Trim Products can be a fun way to “think out of the box” because InstaTrim is not just for covering cracks. With our 5 popular colors and new corner trim pieces you can add a little flair with color that is easy and fun to do literally anywhere in your home or business!

Another unique and fun use is to apply InstaTrim products to enhance the face of your kitchen or bath cabinets. Most cabinets are constructed with a “face frame” that sticks out beyond the cabinet door almost in a picture frame style. Using InstaTrim to add an accent color to any old cabinets is a quick and inexpensive method to update old and tired cabinets. Using an accent color multiplies the effect and can add to the overall look of a tired kitchen and really make an impact on the overall look and feel of your kitchen.

InstaTrim is not just a crack or gap trim. The fact that it is flexible and will stick to any corner provides flexibility for consumers to get creative and upgrade areas of their home for very little money. With our color options of White, Grey, Black, Dark Brown and Ivory you can match OR accent any space in your house or business.