Frequently Asked Questions

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What Countries Do You Sell To?
How are InstaTrim products different from all the other caulk strips on the market?
Why aren't InstaTrim products sticking to the surface I am using it on?
How do I know if there is silicone on the surface?
Does the adhesive go all the way to both edges? If not, how do I prevent water from getting under the edges and causing mildew that I can't see?
Will InstaTrim products work on my kitchen countertop where there is a 1/4” gap between it and the wall in some places?
When used on tile, how does InstaTrim stick to the little dips where the grout is? Do I have to fill those in somehow to keep water from seeping down them?
I've seen in the video how InstaTrim products bend nicely around outside corners. What about inside corners? Must it be cut and mitered?
How do I remove InstaTrim in the future if I want to repaint?
What is your return policy? If I try it and don't like it, can I return it?