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Greg and Betsy Amundson own and operate their company, CornerFlex, Inc., in Scandia, Minnesota.

Greg, the inventor of InstaTrim and President of the company is a former home builder who, in 2008, stepped away from building when the housing market went down hill. He got the idea for InstaTrim because he was always bothered when he saw poorly caulked areas in restaurants, hotels and public restrooms. After a lot of tinkering, testing, and making improvements, InstaTrim was born. Greg now holds multiple U.S. Patents for his design and has proven his idea to be an incredible success.

Betsy is a seasoned graphic designer, project, and marketing manager. She joined Greg in 2015 to help with branding and package design and to manage InstaTrim sales on Amazon.com. Since joining Greg, Betsy has been instrumental in managing online retailers, marketing and company operations.

The rest of the InstaTrim team includes Cindy and Erik Amundson. Cindy, Greg and Betsy's sister-in-law, efficiently manages customer orders from all online retailers, provides great customer service and handles InstaTrim's inventory across seller's websites. Erik is Greg's son, who joined the team in 2020. He has been instrumental in managing the company's building expansion, warehouse management, shipping and receiving as well as product testing.

The InstaTrim Team Members

The Amundsons all appreciate products developed and produced in the USA, and agree that InstaTrim products will only be sourced, manufactured and produced in the U.S.A.

Together, Greg, Betsy, their team, and InstaTrim customers are giving back to veterans, their communities, and the environment.

Supporting Community, Veterans and the USA

Greg and Betsy work together and serve together, donating their time and product to Operation Honor – Veteran Proud, a non-profit organization that hires veterans to make hand-crafted burial and retirement flag cases. InstaTrim provides the perfect seal for the cases.

The Amundson’s are honored to serve you, their customers, who are using InstaTrim to make caulking easy across the country.

Supporting our Environment

Betsy and Greg are proud of the fact that InstaTrim adhesive trim strips are a healthier alternative to caulk. They are non-toxic and made of PVC, which doesn’t require curing, so there are no toxic and smelly fumes. The product is also environmentally friendly, leaving very little waste and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

Great Products Means Great Results

News reporters have written about this patented caulking alternative in the Star Tribune and Finance & Commerce. The product is available on our website and at these fine retailers - home depot, amazon.com and Walmart.com.