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Flexible Trim Strips by InstaTrim

InstaTrim is a flexible, self-adhesive trim strip that can be used anywhere to cover unsightly gaps in your home. InstaTrim’s wedge shape fits in corners to cover gaps between surfaces. InstaTrim’s patented flexible wings provide extra coverage and protection against dust, dirt, moisture, air movement and even bugs. Our flexible molding has many uses. It can be used as a finish trim to cover sloppy paint on ceiling and wall corners, as a caulk strip to keep moisture from seeping through gaps around a sink, along a backsplash, bathtub or shower, as tile edge trim in bathrooms and kitchens or as a flexible quarter round moulding on baseboards and floors.

Peel. Press. Perfect.

Apply InstaTrim to window and door trim instead of weather stripping to keep your energy bills low, use it instead of wood edging to cover uneven gaps around baseboards, floors and wall cabinets or apply this peel and stick caulk on the base of a toilet to keep your bathroom sanitary and easy to keep clean. InstaTrim gives you a perfect line every time in just minutes and is so much easier to work with than caulking. It leaves no mess and does not need time to cure, it’s also paintable. InstaTrim flexible trim strips adhere to nearly any surface – tile, ceramic, wood, vinyl, laminate, metal, concrete, granite, stone, wallpaper, paint, wallboard and more. If you plan to use this self-adhesive, flexible trim to replace old grout or caulk, make sure to follow our instructions carefully to remove all traces of silicone from the surfaces before installation.

Why is InstaTrim Unique?

  • • InstaTrim can be used almost anywhere
  • • Available in White, Grey, Black, Brown and Ivory
  • • Its easy to install
  • • Self-adhesive
  • • No special tools are necessary
  • • Mess-free, no waste
  • • Mold and mildew resistant
  • • Adhesive moves with expansion and contraction
    Baseboard trim

    Problem Solved

    A perfect line, every time.

    A Perfect Line, Every Time. InstaTrim is the only flexible, self-adhesive trim strip that is loved by homeowners and contractors. Unlike messy caulking, everyone loves how easy it is to install and how great it looks, every time. And InstaTrim never dries out or pulls away from the surface, so you don't need to replace it over time.

    Ceiling Paint Edge Trim

    InstaTrim for Business (B2B)

    InstaTrim is available in five common decor colors to match and complement any room or design style. White, Grey, Black, Brown and Ivory are readily available for purchase in both our half-inch and three-quarter inch sizes.

    For business (B2B) or professional orders, custom colors are available with a minimum order quantity.

    InstaTrim comes in multiple colors for any decor

    Where can you use InstaTrim?•  Finish an uneven space around baseboards
    •  Cover sloppy painting on ceiling and wall corners
    •  Keep moisture out of gaps around a countertop
    •  Install it around window and doors moulding
    •  Use it on a toilet base to keep it sanitary
    •  Keep bugs and critters out
    •  Fix cracked wall corners
    •  A great alternative to messy caulk

    Tile trim, floor trim, baseboard trim

    InstaTrim is available in Select Walmart Stores

    Pick up a box of 1/2 inch-wide X 10 foot-long White, Grey or Brown InstaTrim a store near you. No waiting for a package to arrive. Just pop in and pick some up next time you're at Walmart!

    InstaTrim Available on HSN

    Home Shopping Network (HSN) recently featured InstaTrim Flexible Trim Strips on-air. If you have been curious about this flexible trim solution and want to see how it works, you can view the recent segments and purchase a special 2-pack kit of our 3/4" x 10' flexible trim online at HSN.