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"InstaTrim® is ideal for covering gaps around toilet bases and sealing windows and doors."

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InstaTrim® is a flexible, self-adhesive trim strip. From homeowners to contractors, people love how easy it is to install, with no mess or waste. The patented, self-centering wings ensure uniform positioning on any surface. It prevents dirt and debris from collecting in cracks and gaps and provides a maintenance-free barrier against moisture and airflow. InstaTrim looks great as a trim finish, and is an alternative to messy caulk. The peel and stick application makes installation easy, with simple instructions and no special tools. InstaTrim can be used for home projects, commercial building maintenance and more. It will save your customers time and money.

Multiple Uses for InstaTrim®

•  Covers sloppy paint jobs on ceilings and wall corners
•  Replaces quarter-round on baseboards and floors
•  Looks great as trim finish on crown molding and wall cabinets
•  Prevents mold and bacteria from forming under toilets
•  Provides a mildew resistant barrier around tubs and showers
•  Saves energy by sealing drafty windows and doors
•  Keeps bugs out

Family Owned & Made in USA

Greg and Betsy Amundson own and operate their company, CornerFlex, Inc. in Scandia, MN. Greg invented InstaTrim because he was tired of seeing caulking that “looked like a monkey installed it."

This husband and wife team work together and serve together, donating their time and product to Operation Honor – Veteran Proud, a non-profit organization that hires veterans to make hand-crafted burial and retirement flag cases. InstaTrim® provides the perfect seal for the cases. 

News reporters have written about this patented trim and caulking alternative product in the Star Tribune, Finance & Commerce and Family Handyman. 

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