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Flexible Trim Strips by InstaTrim

InstaTrim® is a flexible, self-adhesive strip that fixes the gaps in your home. It provides a maintenance-free barrier, preventing debris from collecting in your crevices and resists air, moisture, mold and mildew. Instatrim is long-lasting, durable and paintable. Available in many color options, its caulking made easy!

Why is Instatrim Unique?

  • • No special tools are necessary
  • • Mess-free, no waste
  • • Mold and mildew resistant
  • • Pliable adhesive moves with expansion and contraction
    Baseboard trim

    Problem Solved

    A perfect line, every time.

    A Perfect Line.  Every Time. InstaTrim® - the only flexible, self-adhesive trim strip that is loved by homeowners and contractors. Everyone loves how easy it is to install and how great it looks. InstaTrim prevents dirt and debris from collecting in gaps between surfaces and provides a maintenance-free barrier against moisture and airflow.

    Ceiling Paint Edge Trim

    We've Got Colors for Multiple Uses

    InstaTrim has patented, self-centering wings to assure uniform positioning on any surface. It’s flexible, comes on a roll for easy use (also available in bulk rolls) and no special tools are needed. You simply peel and stick. The odorless adhesive remains intact with no curing time necessary and its long-lasting professional finish is durable and low maintenance.

    Custom colors are available with a minimum order.

    InstaTrim comes in multiple colors for any decor

    Where can you use Instatrim?•  Finish an uneven space around baseboards and floors
    •  Cover sloppy painting on ceiling and wall corners
    •  Keep moisture out of gaps around a sink or backsplash
    •  Use around window & door moulding to lower energy bills
    •  Use it on a toilet base to keep the bathroom sanitary
    •  Keep bugs and critters out
    •  Fix cracked wall corners
    •  A great alternative to messy caulk

    Tile trim, floor trim, baseboard trim