operation honor veteran proud memorial flag cases

Operation Honor - Veteran Proud Memorial Flag Cases

Greg and Betsy Amundson, the couple behind InstaTrim, don’t just work together but also serve together with a non-profit organization dear to their hearts. They’re proud to be able to donate not just their time, but also their universal trim solution to Operation Honor - Veteran Proud.

As a Universal Solution, InstaTrim provides the perfect seal for the burial flag cases Operation Honor has Veterans crafting for Arlington National Cemetery, as well as on their official website.

Veteran-Crafted Burial Flag Cases Paragraph

Operation Honor was created to enhance the lives of US Veterans, along with their families by providing United States Veterans the chance to build all the products available for purchase on their website. Their signature product is the veteran-crafted burial flag cases.

Burial flag cases are available for anyone to purchase, and the organization is proud to be the exclusive provider to Arlington National Cemetery. It’s the perfect item to honor, remember and show our military veterans respect.

As orders come through, Operation Honor assigns a Veteran to build a hand-made one-of-a-kind flag case. Each one has a label on it that’s personally signed by the Veteran who hand-crafted the burial flag case.

Supporting United States Veterans Paragraph

InstaTrim’s owners find great joy and pride supporting United States Veterans with a flexible trim that provides the perfect seal for the burial flag cases built by veterans. Memorializing these great men and women is one of the best ways to remember just how much has been sacrificed for our rights and privileges.

InstaTrim is Truly a Universal Trim Solution

We aren’t kidding when we say our flexible trim is the universal trim solution! It’s perfect for not just home improvements and finishing touches, but it’s also perfect for unique projects in an RV, boat, business and of course, when crafting a case to preserve one of the most important items a veteran’s family possesses after the loss of their loved one.