Office Remodel: Finishing Off Where Glass Meets Walls

Office Remodel: Finishing Off Where Glass Meets Walls

When your office is filled with cubicles, interior offices with no windows, and conference rooms with no windows, it can be downright depressing. Breathe life into the space with an office remodel! Offices can be light, bright, and filled with beauty.

Glass walls are the easiest way to allow light to filter through the entire office. However, many people shy away from installing glass partitions and walls because of privacy concerns, as well as how ratty and discolored the seams between the glass and a solid wall can get.

Face it, when you spend tons of money and time redesigning your office spaces, you want it to look fresh and clean for many years. Caulking cracks, becomes discolored, and peels off in just a couple of years, resulting in having to pay someone to replace all of it far too often.

We’ve got some helpful tips and solutions to transform your office space.

Clean Finish for Glass Partitions

So many offices are creating open work spaces. However, not every employee is into this kind of work environment. They prefer offices and cubicles for privacy, and to make it easier to focus on the tasks at-hand. How can businesses bring a nice hybrid redesign? Bringing a little more glass!

How is Glass Able to Provide Privacy & the Illusion of Open Spaces?

It’s true. Glass is see-through. Simple solution for the privacy issue? Frosted glass, as well as half walls that provide adequate sunlight but still provide employees with much-needed privacy.

Interior offices, as well as conference rooms, can have frosted glass walls. Or, shades that can be dropped down to create privacy when needed, but when not down, can offer that “open space” feel of an open office floor plan. Cubicles can be constructed with solid bottoms, and glass tops. When workers are sitting or standing at their desks, they still have walls for privacy and to help them block out distractions. However, light pours through and people can see one another, giving that open space feel.

Ugly Seams

Glass-to-glass seams are usually done with brackets and nothing is used along the corner seams. However, when walls and glass meet, silicone or caulk is used along the seam. The problem? Those materials don’t hold up for long. They all start to crack, peel, and change colors.

All that time and money spent to create beautiful spaces for your employees and you end up only focusing on how awful the seams look. Just makes your head hurt. The solution? InstaTrim! It’s not just for kitchens and bathrooms, and other rooms of a house. It’s the universal solution for businesses, too.

Office Partitions Don’t Have to be Ugly

Office partitions don’t have to be ugly. You’ve got fresh coats of paint on your office walls, along with new flooring, why muck that up with ugly generic partitions because you’re afraid to give glass a chance? Bring light, bright spaces and beautiful universal trim to your next office remodel. InstaTrim comes in a variety of colors, and even better, it can be painted if you want to match the color of your painted walls to a T.

Never Settle When Remodeling Your Office

Cover all your office cracks with InstaTrim, so you never have to settle for less with your office remodel. If you’re not sure what color to go with, you’re in luck. We now have a sample kit to check out each of our colors, and if none of them work, remember they can be painted. When clients walk through your office, let them know just how dedicated you are to paying attention to the details!