How to use Instatrim to trim your home

Trimming Your House? InstaTrim can Make it Perfect!

When you started thinking about trimming your house, you probably sat down to research the best ways to install trim in a room. Words like miter saw showed up in every article and YouTube video, right? Don’t get us wrong, if you want to install molding around your doors and windows, you’ll still need a miter saw.

However, if you just want to finish off your room with interior trim to pretty it up and give your rooms a polished look - InstaTrim can make it perfect.

Install Trim in any Room

We can all agree the least expensive way to freshen up a living room, bedroom, or really any room, is to paint it. After a fresh coat of paint, any room in a house looks clean, neat, and brand new. But, sometimes, it’s just missing that little finishing touch. The cherry on top.

The best way to accent dull edges is to install trim. Along the ceiling, InstaTrim hides paint mistakes if you’re not the best of the best at cutting in during the painting process. Along the corners of rooms with painted walls, over time, the paint sometimes starts to chip off. Installing InstaTrim down the four corners of your room gives a clean look to the room and helps avoid some of that chipping. InstaTrim can also hide any “brush strokes” that show through from cutting in and not getting close enough with a paint roller.

Interior Trim with Health Benefits

No matter how well you plan and measure base molding before installing, there’s always going to be a bit of a gap between the floor and the molding. Houses settle, and walls aren’t perfectly straight, nor are floors. Gaps happen.

All kinds of dust, dirt, bugs, hair, and mold end up finding their way into those gaps along the floor. InstaTrim is a sanitary flexible trim solution. It’s easy to install, doesn’t make a mess, and won’t grow mold. It’ll stick to any surface, so if you have tile floors, wood floors, vinyl floors, or epoxy floors, it’s going to stick and stay for years!

Plus, closing the gap also looks darn pretty!

Installing Interior Trim Doesn’t Have to be a Hassle

Dressing up a room by installing interior trim doesn’t have to be a hassle, involving tons of tools and saw dust. Sometimes it’s as easy as prepping, peeling, and placing bendable trim. Sure, it’s easier to install using our applicator tool, but it isn’t required. It truly is a great budget-friendly and easy solution to turning your boring room into a show-stopper!

Trim Out a Room With Ease

Having plenty of color options available, along with the ease of installation, truly does mean you can trim out a room with ease with InstaTrim. You can zhuzh up any room in less than a day, and host a cocktail party later on in the evening on the same day. Plus, no toxic fumes means your guests will never know you were DIY-ing just a few hours earlier. SCORE!