Instatrim is a Handyman's secret weapon

Using InstaTrim with Handyman Services

The Handyman’s Secret Weapon

Do you offer handyman services? How many times have you gone to a client’s house or building and they have a project that requires caulking or trim? Probably too many to count.

You may be an excellent caulker. But more than likely, the thought of caulking sets your anxiety into overdrive.

Then there’s the cold sweats that set in when you see they need trimming done. We all know when trim is required you have to bring a chop saw, nail gun, compressor and haul long strips of wood trim to the job site. Torture.

The answer to relieving anxiety and cold sweats? InstaTrim!

Caulk Installation Got You Down? InstaTrim to the rescue.

InstaTrim will save you time and money and you’ll have an ecstatic client!

Save Time

As you know, your handyman job relies heavily on time and unlike regular caulking products, InstaTrim does not have to dry or cure. Once InstaTrim is installed your work is done. Groovy, right? Even better, the repaired area can be used immediately.

Save Money

Another big benefit of InstaTrim: our products do not dry out. Anything you don’t use immediately can be stored away for future projects. Unfortunately, when you open a new tube of caulk, but don’t use all of it, you have to throw it out. Waste of your money!

InstaTrim won’t end up in the garbage. Use exactly what you need for your current project and save the rest for later without worrying about it becoming dry or hard in the tube.

Where Can You Use InstaTrim in Your Client’s Home

InstaTrim is a flexible trim solution for gaps, cracks and corners. We have designed a flexible trim product that’s:

  • simple to install
  • does not have to cure or dry
  • will outlast caulking by many years

We use a soft and tacky non-toxic adhesive that will bond to any surface (except silicone) and will save you time and money making repairs your client will love. We have six common colors (white, grey, black, dark brown, light brown, and ivory) to match any décor.

When you use InstaTrim you can quickly and easily permanently solve any gap or crack that your client needs fixing. It can be used to fill:

  • countertop gaps
  • wall corner cracks
  • flooring gaps that don’t quite meet the wall trim
  • weatherstripping for windows and doors
  • vanity tops toilet base
  • and much, much more

InstaTrim was Developed (and Continues to Improve) with the Handyman in Mind

With the handyman in mind, our flexible trim offers single kit spools of 10 feet and also bulk rolls of 50 foot spools. InstaTrim comes in three widths to handle almost any gap and are ½” wide, ¾” wide and 1” wide.

We also offer a helpful applicator tool that will speed up the time it takes to install it, saving you even more time. Coming in 2022, we will offer pre-finished color matching trim pieces for inside corners, outside corners and end caps to make your install sizzle and look perfect.