add style to your corners with instatrim

Add Style to Your Corners with Colored InstaTrim

Everyone has at least one super awkward corner in their house. It’s that one corner we have no clue what to do with because it looks empty and pathetic. And, honestly, there’s only so many floor lamps and plants one can stick in a corner to dress it up and hide the cracking paint. Because let’s face it, no matter what we do, painted walls meet in corners and that just means paint’s going to crack.

Homes settle, walls shift and paint cracks. However, InstaTrim can help hide the eye sore in the corners of your rooms.

Home Style Happens in the Corners, too

When you own your own home, you become more aware of just how important it is to create your own home style. When you rent a place, you’re stuck with your landlord’s style. Frankly, all landlords must have to sign something that says they cannot show any kind of fun in a rental home’s decor. Just keep it boring and blah, no matter what.

When you own your own home it's overwhelming to have all these blank walls and floors and rooms to splatter with your personal tastes. But you can’t forget just how important it is to complete each room with trim, so it looks polished and put-together instead of just “thrown” together. The corners of a room need special attention to detail, like corner trim. You don’t want to walk into your gorgeous freshly painted living room and your eye is just drawn to the ugly corner with paint chipping, or poor painting techniques are slapping you in the face.

Skip the Floor Lamp, Use Colorful Corner Trim for Walls

Finishing off the corners of your home’s rooms can be simple with color InstaTrim. You can match colors like white, grey, dark brown, ivory, black and light brown. Or, you can use a contrasting color that accents your wall colors.

Trimming a grey room with white trim always looks professional and polished, but you can make a statement by trimming the same room with black trim. Anything is better than yet ANOTHER floor lamp, or obnoxiously large houseplant.

A corner with a polished trim allows you to have a few more decor options for the corner, because you won’t want to hide the corners, but rather show them off. Now you can hang corner shelves and display beautiful pictures or your crystal and show off just how gorgeous and spacious the room is. No corner clutter on the floor!

Easy to Apply and No Dry Time Needed

Unlike wood moulding and trim, there’s no need to paint and wait for it to dry. And unlike wood trim, there’s no need to pull out hammers and nails. All you do with InstaTrim, no matter where you install it, is prep the area, peel the backing off, and press it into place. No tools are required, but we do have an applicator tool to help apply the proper amount of pressure during the installation process.