trim countertops in kitchens and baths

How to Trim Countertops with InstaTrim

A question we often encounter: “how do I trim countertops with InstaTrim in my kitchen and bathroom?” Everyone wants to know not just how to actually install InstaTrim, but how to make it last for years so homeowners don’t have to worry about replacing it. No one believes how easy it is to install. The most labor intensive part of the whole process is prepping the area if you’re unlucky enough to have silicone-based caulk in your kitchen and bathroom.

We know, caulk is horrible. But the important thing to remember is now that we have developed InstaTrim and you know about it, you can trim your kitchen and bathroom counters better….right? The old “when you know better you do better”!

How to Trim Countertops

No matter what kind of countertop you want to trim, the most important part of replacing the current product around your countertops with InstaTrim: the prep work. Before InstaTrim, most homes were filled with silicone caulking. It’s understandable - it’s really all that was around for many years.

But now… now there’s a flexible trim that blows silicone caulking out of the water. However, in order to trim out your kitchen and bathroom countertops properly, the silicone has to be removed. All of it. Even that gross oily residue it leaves behind.

Remove Caulking

In order to rip all that caulking from your countertops, you’ll need a sharp razor and probably a caulk removal tool. You’ll need to cut along both sides of the caulk along the surface it’s attached to. Then pull it off your countertop.

If the caulk is old and dried out, you will have to do a bit of scraping. Once you’ve removed all the physical silicone, now you have to deal with that gross, oily residue. Nothing sticks to that stuff except more silicone. Just like plastic wrap when you’re trying to cover your leftovers after a big holiday dinner.

Scrub Away the Residue

Silicone caulking leaves behind a residue - it’s sometimes just a film, and sometimes it’s got an oily feeling to it. Either way, the residue has to be cleaned off, or nothing will stick to it. Not even InstaTrim.

Residue from silicone-based products is the kryptonite to InstaTrim. It’s why you have to make sure all of the residue is cleaned off properly. Unfortunately, the best way to remove silicone residue is with acetone. Since it is flammable and the fumes could make you pass out - make sure you open windows and properly ventilate while using acetone and a scrubbing pad or sponge to remove the residue.

You can also try vinegar if acetone isn’t for you. Vinegar does have to sit on the silicone residue for a bit of time and will require a bit of extra elbow grease. However, the odor is less overwhelming!

The Best Way to Trim Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops often leave gaps between the counter and the backsplash, or wall. We’ve all been conditioned to fill gaps with either caulk, or wood trim. Unless you’ve got a lot of time and are wicked talented, caulk and wood trim are probably not your best options for trimming your kitchen countertops.

Caulk is hard to work with, plus it has to be replaced often since it becomes discolored, dries out, and cracks. Wood trim looks nice, but it requires using a saw to cut it, lots of glueing and far more time and energy than one person has.

Instead of caulk and wood, you have a much simpler option! InstaTrim. Once the countertops and backsplash are cleaned and prepped, all you need to do is peel and apply pressure to install, with minimal cutting!

Luckily, there are multiple colors to choose from to match your countertops or the backsplash. If you have a painted wall behind your kitchen counters, you can use our paintable flexible trim to finish off your kitchen.

The Most Sanitary Option to Trim Your Bathroom Countertops

Bathrooms tend to have a lot of moisture, dust, and more opportunities for mold to grow and destroy your beautifully decorated sanctuary. Silicone caulking in bathrooms has been the norm for so many years, but it’s something that has to be removed every couple of years and redone. It’s a hassle and so much work.

InstaTrim is easy to install, and doesn’t have to be replaced every few years. Whatever the surface, as long as there’s no silicone or silicone residue on the surface, InstaTrim will bond to the surface and create such a tight seal - mold won’t have anywhere to grow.

Plus, our flexible trim doesn’t become discolored like silicone caulk does. You can’t go wrong with high-quality flexible trim for your bathroom countertops.

Easy to Install Kitchen and Bathroom Trim

When you want the most polished and clean look for your kitchen and bathroom countertops, InstaTrim provides the most easy installation, along with a long-lasting option. It takes minimal time to install, and it lasts for far more years than any kind of caulk products on the market. No specific tools are required, but if you want to be assured you’re providing the proper amount of pressure during installation, pick up our applicator tool when placing your flexible trim order.