Silicone vs Instatrim for your shower or bathtub

Say No to Caulking With Silicone

It sounds crazy, we know. Especially since we’ve spent our entire lives being told the best way to seal the seams in our showers and tubs is by caulking with silicone. If we didn’t need to paint the sealer, straight silicone caulking was recommended. When the sealer has to be painted to match any kind of paint color on the walls of your bathroom, siliconized acrylic caulking was recommended to homeowners. Neither product is the best choice. I know, I know, but just hear us out!

Don’t Use Silicone Caulk in Your Bathroom

Imagine if you will: a bathroom. It’s beautifully tiled with impeccably done grout. Gorgeous glass, and pristine fixtures. And now… you have to decide how to seal all the gaps between walls and bathtubs, and showers.

You’re presented with your silicone-based options. And none of them sound like a good time! They all sound messy, toxic, and far too much work. However, what you aren’t being told is that even though caulking is waterproof, it doesn’t stay that way for long and it has to be replaced OFTEN.

If you don’t replace it, mold and mildew will grow, causing health problems and structure problems. Instead of caulking with silicone products, instead try a caulk alternative to solve the waterproofing issue permanently.

It’s Not Waterproof

From top to bottom, a bathroom requires waterproofing. Builders normally use special drywall that’s resistant to moisture when building a bathroom. When sealing off the bathtub or shower, caulk is water resistant. However, caulk will fail and when it does, moisture and dirt will start to grow behind your shower and bathtub.

But why does caulk fail? Hydrophobic surface conditions. What the heck is that? It just means shiny tile doesn’t allow things to stay bonded to it for a long period of time. Caulk will start to “let go” of the shiny surfaces, and water works its way down behind it. That’s why your caulk turns black. That’s the mold.

And seriously, silicone-based products only stick to silicone. It’s kind of like plastic wrap for your leftovers - the stuff just sticks to itself, right?

Instead of having to replace caulk often, you can use InstaTrim. It was designed to be a long-term solution for sealing your bathtub and shower. Plus it looks darn good!

Not Even Close to Mess-Free

Caulk - regardless of what kind is in the tube - is messy to work with. Applying it to a beautifully tiled and designed bathroom is one of the best ways to ugly it up. It’s rare to have the skill needed to finish off a bathroom with any kind of product other than flexible trim strips.

Our strips are flexible, and self-adhesive. Once you’ve cleaned and prepped the surface area, Just peel back the adhesive liner off the trim strips, place the trim where you want to install it and press the trim firmly along the surface area with even pressure. Done.

Far from Non-toxic and Odor-Free

No one enjoys breathing in the off-putting odor of caulk. Especially if you’re sealing a bathtub or shower in a smaller bathroom. The fumes just take over and make a Do-It-Yourselfer lightheaded. You can open windows, or run the vent, but it’s just overpowering.

Our flexible trim is non-toxic and odor-free. You can still open a window for fresh air while you work, but you won’t have to when working with InstaTrim!

Variety of Colors

It’s true. Silicone caulk comes in a few colors, along with a clear option. And sure, you can use acrylic caulk if you wish to paint it to match a specific wall color. Our trim product comes in multiple colors, many of the same colors people currently use in their bathrooms. We even made it paintable, just in case none of our colors work OR you change your bathroom wall colors in a couple of years after using InstaTrim to replace your moldy, old silicone caulk.

Caulk is so 1900s

Caulking the shower and caulking the bathtub just got easier and let’s face it, prettier. Our flexible trim is so easy to install, and is almost impossible to install incorrectly, that it’ll save you time, money, and aggravation. It’ll withstand mold, mildew and dust, so it’ll last for years, saving even more time, lots of your energy and tons of your money!

InstaTrim just makes sense for sealing showers and bathtubs in your home's bathroom.