InstaTrim flexible cabinet trim

Cabinet Trim Made Easy

The difference between the kitchen you love and the kitchen that makes you squirm: gaps. More specifically, the gaps between walls and kitchen cabinets. However, the thought of dealing with caulk often brings out the ultimate squirm reaction. So, how can a homeowner handle the unsightly gaps without stress and mess? InstaTrim®. We’re in the business of making cabinet trim easy to install.

Easy Cabinet Trim Installation

Caulk is messy, and truly smells toxic. Applying it to fill gaps and cracks in your kitchen is probably the least enjoyable task of all-time. Okay, maybe we’re being dramatic, but still. It’s a stress-fest for do-it-yourselfers.

If you look around your kitchen, you’ll notice the walls are naturally uneven. It’s basically impossible to get your cabinets to sit flush against kitchen walls. The older your home, the harder it gets to eliminate the gaps between walls and cabinets. Houses settle, walls become more uneven, and even if you’ve caulked once, you’ll have to do it again as things continue to shift.

Instead of battling with messy caulk, and inhaling toxic fumes, use InstaTrim for easy cabinet trim installation. It’s quick to apply, flexible and the perfect alternative to caulking between your cabinets and walls.

We can’t say this enough: sealing up gaps and cracks doesn’t have to be a hassle, and it shouldn’t have to be a yearly task on your household chore list. With InstaTrim® you can check this less-than-desirable task off your list for many years! Why? So glad you asked!

Easy Installation

Prep. Peel. Press. It really is this simple! Prep for flexible cabinet trim requires users to clean the surface you want to apply your flexible trim. Once the area is clean of dust, debris, and silicone, just peel back the adhesive liner and start pressing it into place! We even have an applicator tool to make sure you apply firm and even pressure as you install your caulk alternative.


Not only is the trim itself flexible, but so is the adhesive. As your home settles, and shifts, InstaTrim adjusts, which means it won’t crack and start falling apart. We’re not saying what would crack and fall apart, but we all know what does.

No Mold or Discoloration

As great as it is that our product is mess-free, it’s even more amazing that it’s water resistant. Other products grow mold, and mildew if water creeps behind it. Other products also become discolored over time, and have to be replaced. Not our peel-and-stick flexible trim!

Non-Toxic & Odor-Free

Since InstaTrim meets ASTM 4236, it means we’re non-toxic. We don’t contain any chemicals, and the trim does not release toxic fumes so we’re also odor-free.

Never Dries Out

If you don’t use all of the product for your project, no worries. InstaTrim’s adhesive never dries out. Store it in your garage for your next do-it-yourself household project. When you’re ready to use it again, just prep your surface, peel back the liner, and press it into place! SIMPLE, mess-free, and looks great for years to come.

You Can Do This Kitchen Cabinet Project

Never doubt the simplicity of using InstaTrim, or how professional of a look it gives to your final kitchen design. It adheres to tile, wood, vinyl, metal, granite, wallpaper, paint, and more. If you want a perfect line every time you fill a gap, whether in your kitchen, or another room, the universal trim solution you want is InstaTrim!