4 ways to refresh your kitchen with Instatrim

Four Ways to Refresh Your Kitchen with InstaTrim

"HELP. My kitchen is from 1985!"

A full kitchen renovation is expensive. Scratch that. Expensive isn't the most accurate way to describe a kitchen renovation, is it? We all know kitchen renovations can cost a home owner thousands upon thousands of dollars.

When your budget doesn't cover a total gut and rebuild, you can make a few small updates and turn your dated kitchen into a totally new, updated space. 

Refresh Your Kitchen with Simple Updates

A do-it-yourself kitchen refresh should take no more than a couple of rainy weekends and InstaTrim’s peel and stick waterproof strips can help you get the job done.

Give your kitchen cabinets a facelift

In order to freshen up your kitchen cabinets, you'll want to decide how to address the problem. You can clean the cabinets, maybe stain them, or paint the kitchen cabinets.

Sometimes a good cleaning with a little elbow grease is all you need to refresh your kitchen cabinets. It truly can get the job done! However, if this doesn't do it for you, try replacing all of the handles, pulls, and hinges. It’s amazing what this can do to freshen up the look of your kitchen.

While you're inspecting the cabinets in order to decide on cleaning, staining, or painting them, you may have noticed walls are naturally uneven surfaces, and often there are gaps between the wall and the cabinets. If your cabinets sit flush against the wall or have unsightly gaps, you can cover your gaps.

You can either use messy caulk, or a simple solution like InstaTrim. The quick-to-apply, flexible peel-and-stick caulk alternative goes on easily and without the mess of traditional caulking solutions. 

Watch the InstaTrim how-to video for a quick tutorial.

Make your kitchen sink shine

The sink area is one of the focal points of any kitchen. A dirty, leaky old sink can bring down the whole room. Inspect the area around the sink.

Is the caulk worn and moldy? Consider replacing it with InstaTrim. You'll have to prep the area.

  • Dig out the old caulk
  • Clean the area
  • Peel the backing off of the trim.
  • Press firmly and evenly.

Now you have a perfect waterproof seal. There is no better way to keep your kitchen sink free from debris, mildew, and mold than to seal it with a universal flexible trim strip.

Add a stylish backsplash

Today there are many choices for peel-and-stick backsplashes that look like real tile. This option will give you a professional, high-end look without the trouble and mess of applying grout.

All it takes:

  • A few measurements
  • A little wall prep

Once it's hung, step back and admire your new backsplash that you completed in minimal time. Notice unsightly, uneven edges? Hide those gaps with a perfect line of InstaTrim’s flexible trim strips along the base.  

Apply a fresh coat of paint

Apply a fresh coat of paint, and you’re ready to enjoy your new kitchen. Don’t forget to use InstaTrim along the baseboards for a  sharp, clean edge. InstaTrim is paintable and is also available in multiple colors to match or complement almost any paint color.

Inspiration for a Simple Household Upgrades

Check out our gallery to find more ways to use InstaTrim in your home. Or contact us today for more easy  DIY trimming tips. You can find InstaTrim available at many online retailers or take advantage of free shipping by ordering on our website.