How to trim sinks with alternative caulk

How to Trim Sinks in Your Home & Business

Many customers realized trimming sinks in the kitchens and bathrooms is one of the most stressful aspects of owning a home. Each one that has found us online wanted an easier way to improve the look and functionality of their bathrooms and kitchens. We couldn’t be happier knowing we’re helping decrease stress levels around the world!

We’re also excited that business owners are using our universal solution for trimming kitchen and bathroom sinks in their offices, restaurants, and more. It’s so easy to install that everyone is jumping for joy once they try it.

So, how do you install InstaTrim in your kitchens and bathrooms? We’re so glad you asked!

Why Do We a Trim Kitchen Sink Paragraph

Kitchens. It’s one of the most frequented rooms of a home. The last thing you want to see is crusty old cracked seals around a sink. A sink you’ll be using to wash your dishes. A sink that’s sunk into your countertop. A sink that has to be not just attractive, but most importantly, hygienic.

Cracked seals around a home’s or business’s sink are the breeding ground for bacteria. It’s where itty bitty bugs, food crumbs, chicken slime, and dirt collect and create health problems. However, not many people have the time to replace cracked silicone-based caulk as often as is necessary to keep the area clean and sanitary. We mean to do it, but it just keeps getting worse and creates an unhealthy kitchen environment.

Even if it isn’t cracking and breaking off, it’s probably growing mold. Just nasty. There’s help, though. Stay with us to learn more.

The Importance Behind Why We Trim Bathroom Sinks

One of the most important parts of a bathroom? Making sure any seal that fills a crack or gap will resist water and grime. It’s imperative that the seal is tight, looks good, repels moisture and will not grow bacteria, mold and mildew. We all know that bacteria is nasty stuff and can actually cause health problems if left to prosper.

Regardless of where the bathroom is, your home or business, the bathroom sinks need to look beautiful and they need to provide a safe place to wash your hands and face. Women take their rings off to wash their hands, and the last place you want them putting those rings is on a disgusting bathroom sink ledge sporting mold and bacteria.

Kids: we love them, but when they see anything cracking, they’re going to pick at it and pull at it and make it worse. They’re curious and want to find out “if I pull this gross piece of dried out caulk - what’s under it, how long of a piece can I pull off before it snaps”. It’s what kids do. So, let’s see if we can avoid all these cringe-worthy situations by trimming sinks with InstaTrim.

How Do You Prep & Install Our Home & Business Universal Solution

First, you’ll have to remove all that gross, cracked, and worn out caulk. Scrape it out, pull it out, and make sure you get all traces of residue the silicone leaves behind by cleaning with acetone. It will take a bit of effort, especially when you get to the silicone residue. It will often require a silicone sealant remover, or acetone, along with a good scrubbing pad or soft brush.

If you aren’t into chemical removers, you can grab white vinegar or isopropyl alcohol. Just be prepared to let that sit on the residue until the residue softens. Then grab that scrubbing brush or pad and go to town. Remind yourself you only have to do this ONCE, and then you’re done. It’s worth the important and necessary prep work, so InstaTrim creates a tight and lasting seal.

After all traces of silicone-based caulking are gone, get your flexible trim out of the box. Make sure you have the applicator tool, too. It will make it even easier to apply the correct amount of pressure during installation.

Once you’ve got everything prepped and ready to go, applying InstaTrim is easy. Just peel back the release liner, position your trim, and slowly, firmly and steadily press InstaTrim into place. Enjoy it for years and years and years. You won’t have to replace it unless you decide to redecorate and want a new color (which might not matter, as you can paint our flexible trim).

Prep. Peel. Position. Press.

Focusing on the four “Ps” of InstaTrim each time you find a spot in your home or business that could benefit from this universal trim solution will provide you with beautiful results that will last for years to come. And always reach out to us if you have any questions, or run into hiccups along the way.