Using caulk strips for restaurant maintenance.

Restaurant Caulking Maintenance Made Simple

Restaurants… owners have to follow strict maintenance guidelines for health and safety reasons. When you own a restaurant, it’s a full-time job making sure your kitchen, bathrooms, and dining areas are always clean, safe and sanitary. It takes you away from other areas of your business. InstaTrim can help alleviate this issue and make restaurant caulking maintenance simple!

Restaurant Hygiene

What’s the first thing you do after you’re seated at your table in a restaurant? Your eyes probably scan the table, looking for cleanliness. Perhaps you head to the lavatory to see just how clean, or not clean, it is.

If you look around and see cracked, peeling, discolored caulk everywhere - your nose automatically scrunches up and you make that disapproving face. It sends shivers through your body. Why does your body react this way? It’s because your brain is asking “if this place can’t keep their gaps and cracks handled properly, what else are they not handling?”

If you’re totally turned off by it, can you imagine what health inspectors are thinking when they see it during inspections? Yeah. Exactly.

Restaurant hygiene has to be a restaurant owner’s priority, or patrons move on to the next “big thing” with fresh, clean, pristine caulking in their gaps and cracks.

Simplifying Restaurant Maintenance

Owners at restaurants have no time. Most of them couldn’t even tell you the last time they actually ate a meal. Ironic for a restaurant owner, right?

If you’re an established restaurateur, you know how many man hours it takes to remove and replace caulking throughout a restaurant, along with how often it has to be done throughout the lifetime of a restaurant (if it wants to remain open, of course). And the noxious fumes that linger for hours after caulking. It’s not a good scene. You can install our flexible trim at 12pm and you can open for lunch at 12:01pm.

Although prepping your restaurant for InstaTrim installation takes a bit of extra work - it’s a one-time thing. Much of the hard labor is during the preparation stage. All silicone-based caulk must be removed, along with the gross residue it leaves behind because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING sticks to silicone except MORE silicone.

However, once all your surfaces are prepared properly, you’ll easily install InstaTrim and you won’t have to think about it again for years and years. And years. Because it:

  • is mold and mildew resistant
  • doesn’t dry out so it won’t crack
  • doesn’t peel
  • won’t discolor
  • simple to clean

InstaTrim will be your best employee!

Simplifying restaurant maintenance is one of our favorite benefits of our flexible caulking strip.

Endless Restaurant Maintenance Solved

Maintaining a restaurant’s cleanliness is a top priority for the owner, patrons, and staff. InstaTrim is the best way to destroy the endless restaurant maintenance wrapped up in gaps and cracks! Get in on this action - there’s a variety of colors that go with almost every decor, and if it doesn’t, you can paint it! We told you, it’s going to be your hardest working employee by far!