Flexible Trim Strips Can Be Used in Restaurants and Hotels

Flexible Trim Strips Can Be Used in Restaurants and Hotels

InstaTrim flexible caulk and trim strips have been a huge success with the DIY consumer market by helping them with an easy and long-term solution to repair gaps and cracks around their homes. The Hospitality market deals with many of the same issues as the consumer with the need to fill and seal gaps around countertops, floors, wall corners, food prep areas, bathrooms, and much more.

How many times have you been in a hotel room, looked at cracks in the walls or ceilings, and noticed moldy caulking in the bathroom? That caulking definitely should have been replaced a long time ago.


Cleanliness and details in a hotel room or restaurant are critical to the hospitality industry for both customers and the health inspector. The public’s perception of where to stay and where to eat is quickly decided based on the upkeep of your business. If the bathrooms in a restaurant have peeling and discolored caulk around sinks and toilets, or hotel rooms leave gaps around flooring that collect dirt and grime, it makes you wonder what else that business isn’t paying attention to. And I’m sure I don’t need to tell you what the health inspector will think.

Why should you use Instatrim?

There are a number of reasons to use InstaTrim to clean up your hotel or restaurant. Our flexible trim saves time and does not require special skills or tools to install. It does not fail over time like caulk so there is no need to spend time replacing it every year. There is no waste because any left-over product can be stored for use at another time, it doesn’t dry out like traditional caulk. And best yet, InstaTrim is mold and mildew resistant.

Our trim strips can be used extensively in bathrooms where the flooring meets the bathtub, around the base of a toilet, around the vanity sink, along the back edge of the vanity top, where a shower door connects to the tile or wall.  It is important to understand that InstaTrim will not adhere to old silicone which would have to be removed according to our instructions.

Another unique thing about InstaTrim is that can be used for much more than caulk replacement. It also works very well in dining areas, hotel rooms and bathrooms to permanently repair cracked wall and ceiling corners or to cover an uneven gap around floor edge.  Since InstaTrim comes in six common décor colors and is paintable, it can be used anywhere as a matching trim, an accent trim or to cover an unsightly and dirty-gathering gap.

InstaTrim can enhance hallways and dining areas by trimming around doors and windows, and areas where the décor has contrasting wall colors or materials like wallpaper and tile. If you want a clean and straight edge versus a sloppily painted edge or wood trim that isn’t flush with a wall, InstaTrim will do the trick. In addition, InstaTrim provides a unique and subtle design accent by using accentuating colors to match or contrast the design theme of the hotel or restaurant.  We also have the ability to match or create custom colors for your business with a minimum order.

Lastly, InstaTrim peel and caulk strips can extend the maintenance life of your restaurant kitchen and food prep areas with an easy to clean surface that will last for many years.  Caulking in kitchens and food prep areas is a constant problem and always on the list of repairs with the health inspector.

InstaTrim can be purchased in bulk spools and we have multiple colors readily available: White, Ivory, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Grey and Black.  Custom colors and/or sizes are available with a minimum quantity order as well.

Photo by Matt Hoffman on Unsplash