Never use caulk again with InstaTrim

Caulk Isn't Easy - 4 Reasons to Use InstaTrim Flexible Trim Strips Instead

Caulking is generally not easy – especially when you need to remove it someday.

If you have ever applied caulk from a pre-made dispensing tube or the standard way with a messy caulking gun, it likely wasn’t a good experience for you as a DIY home owner. Even professional contractors find it challenging to squeeze and seal caulking into gaps and cracks - but many people are unaware of the fine lines that separate performance and safety.

Here are 4 Good Reasons to use InstaTrim in your Kitchen and Bath Instead:

  1. It is easy to apply and we have guides on our site to help.
  2. It never loses adhesion over time
  3. It cannot grow mold
  4. It has NO toxic fumes during or after application

If you do end up using caulking, remember to use caulk with good ventilation. Keep caulking compounds away from children and pets and wash your hands thoroughly after use. If you get caulk in your eyes, flush gently with room temperature water for at least 15 minutes and if you get it on your skin, rinse with water immediately.  Or just don’t worry about all that and use Instatrim instead.

Did you know that caulk is even hated by professionals?  We know as we have a growing business and professional customer base too.

InstaTrim Peel and Stick Caulk Trim Strips are a better, healthier alternative. Made in the USA and from PVC, with a proprietary non-toxic adhesive.

InstaTrim™ doesn’t emit toxic fumes, doesn’t require curing time and won’t lose adhesion over time once you peel and stick it into place. Its patented, flexible wings make it easy to apply with no mess. It will conform and seal to almost any application surface, including ceramic tile, laminate, solid surfaces, wood and metal.

However, it won’t stick to silicone, so be sure to follow our instructions to help remove all traces with a good, silicone remover. InstaTrim™ flexible trim strips come in an easy to open, recycled cardboard box that is 100% recyclable.

So, if you’re looking for ease of application, durability and an attractive seal around your sinks, tile and toilets, buy InstaTrim today and find out how easy it really is.  You Can Do This.