How is InstaTrim Reducing Garbage and Pollution

How is InstaTrim Reducing Garbage and Pollution

Freshening up your home’s decor shouldn’t make you feel guilty about producing garbage and contributing to pollution. All we want is a pretty place to spend time that provides safety and comfort.

It’s not much different for construction companies building houses, commercial buildings, and restaurants. I think we can all agree our world needs a lot less waste! Garbage building up means more pollution and we believe it’s important to do our part in reducing pollution and garbage.

Reducing Garbage

Homeowners and construction companies have used tubes of caulk for years, because it’s been the standard since, basically, forever. Unfortunately this causes tons of waste in our landfills. Let’s break down a couple of the ways choosing InstaTrim can reduce garbage at our garbage dumps.

  • InstaTrim can be stored away if you don’t use all of it. This means less tubes of caulk being thrown out by homeowners. More often than not we don’t need an entire tube of caulk for a job in our house. You can’t save the tube. Even if you save the tube, the caulk dries out and it has to be thrown away at a later time. There’s no way around it.
  • Our flexible trim doesn’t dry out. Once it’s installed, it won’t dry out, crack and need replacing every few years. No need to remove it and throw it in the garbage.
  • All of our packaging is recyclable, too.

When a construction company chooses the universal trim solution instead of caulk when building any new structure, it will be years before anything has to be replaced. They’ll be saving our landfills of tons of disgusting, chemical-filled caulk. Which brings us to how InstaTrim is helping reduce pollution.

Reducing Pollution

Did you know caulk is full of harmful substances? Hydrocarbons like acrylic, acrylic-latex, neoprene, polysulfide, polyurethanes, silicone, and vulcanized butyl rubber. No one wants these pollutants in our landfills, or our homes, or places of business.

Luckily, InstaTrim doesn’t contain toxic chemicals, nor does it have noxious fumes that irritate your nose, eyes, and throat. Instead, the universal solution meets ASTM 4236 for non-toxicity.

Since InstaTrim lasts for far longer than caulk, it doesn’t need to be thrown away as often - but if it does end up in the garbage, it won’t leach toxins into the air or earth. You can feel good about using it in your house, or on your construction site.

Feel Good About Using InstaTrim for Reducing Garbage & Pollution

Homeowners and those on construction sites around the world can make one small (but brilliant) change when trimming all types of houses, and trimming commercial buildings - skipping caulk and choosing InstaTrim. We’re excited to be the small and brilliant change in the battle to reduce garbage and pollution all across the U.S.A. and Europe.