cover your crack with instatrim

Fix Annoying Gaps & Cracks Before Listing Your Home

You’ve made the decision to move. However, you don’t rent a house, you actually own a house and now you have to enter the world of real estate. Luckily, there are professionals to list the house and do all that annoying legal stuff. All you have to focus on is fixing annoying gaps and cracks before listing your home.

Don’t freak out, though. It isn’t as overwhelming as you might think it is to do a quick home refresh. We promise to make it easy to Cover Your Crack™.

Quick Home Refresh

Some of the simplest ways to update your home on a budget, which also means it is probably not going to take a long time to accomplish:

  • Paint walls with some neutral colors that won’t scare potential buyers
  • Throw down a few area rugs to freshen up your living and dining rooms
  • Make all of your beds with new sheets and some cute throw pillows
  • Add finishing touches to each room with trim, pretty potted plants, and candles that smell like baked goods (home buyer’s love the smell of cookies and pies)

Easy Fixes to Prep Your Home

Easy fixes to prep your home are to fill in all the awful gaps and cracks around your home when it’s a little older. Old houses settle and gaps and cracks appear, like evil magic.

In all seriousness, more often than not, older houses have numerous cracks or gaps that look ugly. The ugliness can be where countertops meet a wall, or maybe along some cabinets.

Even though it isn’t pleasant to think about, let’s think about the base of your toilets. It’s a nasty area and when it looks dirty, gross, and cracked, it’ll turn off even the most enthusiastic home buyers.

And what about where your tile or wood floors and walls meet? Those edges are never perfect and a room needs a little help looking clean and finished. A clean, straight edge never draws attention to minor imperfections throughout a house. And that’s an important part of selling a house. Not drawing attention to the small flaws so that people can focus on the bigger picture: an awesome house!

What’s the easiest way to fix these issues and prep your home for the slew of buyers ready to provide you with offers for your home? InstaTrim. Yes. It really is as simple as digging out nasty, cracked silicone throughout the rooms of your home and replacing it with InstaTrim. It truly is as easy as rolling out, cutting and installing InstaTrim into the gaps and cracks throughout your house to polish off each room.

Universal Trim Solution to Help Flip Your Home

Trimming a room doesn’t have to be difficult. You don’t always need hammers, nails and a saw. Sometimes you just need a great universal trim solution available in a variety of colors, and an applicator tool, too. Prep your home quickly and get your house on the market so you can move on to your next adventure!