Instatrim is now available in Europe

InstaTrim® Product is on Its Way to Europe

InstaTrim® has received many calls and emails from those living all over Europe, eager to purchase our InstaTrim product. They want to know where they can get it for their businesses and homes. After months of being unable to ship overseas due to the high cost of shipping, along with duties and tariffs, we’re happy to announce we’ll be selling through Amazon’s European Marketplace!

Selling in Europe in Mid-October

People living in Germany, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom, will be able to purchase our flexible trim products through in just a couple of weeks! Who said Spring is the season for new beginnings? Pfft. We’re all about “falling into” new opportunities to share the InstaTrim® love.

We’re sure any new homeowner would love a stocking full of our flexible trim solution to help keep their homes protected from creepy crawlers and gusty drafts from windows and doors. A fun surprise shouldn’t mean a spider buttered into your holiday breakfast toast!

Anyone sprucing up their kitchens and bathrooms will want to finish them off with an easily applied trim so they can impress all their holiday guests. No one wants to be stressed about finishing home projects in time for being a hostess for family, and friends, over the holidays.

Now all of Europe will be able to experience the ease of use of our flexible, self-adhesive trim strips. Homes and businesses in Europe will have their unsightly gaps covered. Dust, dirt and moisture won’t be any match for InstaTrim®, and drafts from doors and windows will be a thing of the past, along with unwanted bugs moving in.

Rejoice sloppy painters, we’ve got your backs! Use our patented flexible trim to cover sloppy paint on ceilings and wall corners. InstaTrim®’s wedge shape fits into so many places, it makes it extremely versatile in every room of your home, or business.

We’re excited for all of Europe to experience our products, and fall in love with them like our North American customers have. Before shopping and ordering, learn more about how to install InstaTrim® in order to hit the ground running when your product arrives at your doorstep. It’s going to be an exciting time as we generate lots of international customers!

Don’t Forget Our Applicator Tool

Whether you can apply pressure with your own fingers, or not, you’ll want to consider purchasing our InstaTrim Applicator Tool. It will ensure a strong bond between InstaTrim and the surface where you install it.

The KEY to success with your flexible trim strips is not just proper amounts of pressure, but also applying even pressure along the entire strip. Using our applicator tool will help make your InstaTrim last for years.