prep home for cold weather

Using InstaTrim® to Prep Your Home for Cold Weather

Even without a weather report, or any animal seeing its shadow, we all know if you live in a cold climate area it’s going to get cold. It’s going to remain cold for a long time. And the cold weather conditions have become brutal over the years.

Brutally cold temperatures bring snow, ice, sleet, and wind. If your home has gaps and cracks, those cold temperatures and gusty winds will find their ways into your home. None of us want high heating bills, nor do we want to have to walk around our own homes wearing 20 sweatshirts, a hat, gloves and a scarf in order to keep warm.

Home Prep for Cold Weather

As the temperatures cool down, leaves have fallen off the trees, and the weather is slowly changes from light breezy winds to gusty cold winds that could freeze you where you stand, all homeowners know we have to:

  • turn off our exterior faucets
  • sweep the chimneys
  • empty out the gutters
  • reverse ceiling fans so they push down warm air
  • check and tune-up your heating system

One of the most important, yet often forgotten, home prep steps for winterizing your home is to fill in gaps around windows and doors.

Fill the Window and Door Gaps

Homeowners usually remember to swap out their screens for storm windows, right? We’re also on auto-pilot when it comes to checking the weather stripping to make sure that’s still good. What we often forget is to check for drafts coming through doors and windows.

We definitely feel the drafts once the cold weather hits, but who wants to deal with caulking? We completely understand, and we’re big fans of using InstaTrim® to keep those drafts out of the house.

Remove the caulk that isn’t working anymore, inside and outside. If the caulk is silicone-based, you must make sure all the residue is completely cleaned off. Then peel, stick and press InstaTrim® into the gaps around your windows and doors. We even have a tool to help apply the perfect amount of pressure when installing the flexible caulk trim.

Since it comes in a variety of colors, and can also be painted, you can choose the perfect color to match your outdoor décor. It’s the perfect way to achieve a clean finishing touch for all your windows and doors.

Drafts Don’t Belong in Your Home

Drafts are great when sports season is here and professional athletes are being picked for sports teams. Drafts aren’t okay in your house! InstaTrim® The Flexible Trim Solution can make it a lot easier for homeowners to prepare for winter. Check out the wide selection of colors we offer, and remember, our trim is easy to paint, too!