seal out bugs with InstaTrim

Got bugs? Seal Out Bugs with InstaTrim®

Got bugs? It’s a silly question, since we can all agree everyone has bugs trying to invade their homes as the warm temperatures decline, and the colder temperatures set in. The real question is: how do I keep the pests outside where they belong? I’ve done all the outside prep:

  • cleaned the yard so there aren’t tons of piles of leaves, and the grass is short and manicured
  • cleared out pest nests close to my house
  • cleared my basement and garage so things are off the floor and organized in plastic tubs

Now what do I do? The ants and spiders are still finding ways into my kitchen, spiders are surprising the family with surprise visits, and bees swarm us anytime we sit outside to enjoy the cooler temperatures, sipping our morning coffee!

How do I seal out bugs? InstaTrim can help!

InstaTrim can Help Keep Bugs Out

The three biggest, baddest, most annoying bugs waging war on homeowners are ants, spiders, and bees (and all their stingy variations). Each critter has their own special way of invading a home, and once you know where they’re finding their ways in, it’s a lot easier to shut them out!


Kitchens are a favorite destination for ants. If there’s any kind of gap, or crack, in or around your kitchen windows or doors, ants march right on in. They’re in search of all your crumbs left on your counters and floors.

Once they have their marching orders, they come out in little teams and take over your kitchen counters and all along the perimeter of your kitchen floor. Can you blame them? Who wants to be outside in damp, gross weather? I’d find some gaps and cracks around your windows and doors, too, if I knew there was food and comfy accommodations inside!

Homeowners often rely on caulking around windows and doors in order to fill the gaps, and cracks around kitchen windows and doors. However, that has to be done at least once per year, and more often than not, twice a year depending on your climate. It’s a chore most people forget until it’s too late and the ants have taken over.

Instead, grab InstaTrim the peel and stick caulking everyone’s talking about, to fill the gaps and cracks once, and you won’t have to worry about it again for years!


Wondering where spiders like to gain access to your house? They’re big fans of staying low. They crawl in through gaps and cracks along the base of a house. Basement windows, your exterior doors, and let’s face it, if you have a garage, they are making their way in there.

Again, caulking is the old way to fill in the gaps and cracks around your home’s foundation and exterior doors. Instead, grab your favorite color from our InstaTrim line of peel and stick caulk to fill in the gaps and cracks, so you can sit and watch football instead of spending your Sundays filling the same old gaps and cracks around all your doors, and basement windows.


Spiders go low, but bees love to go high. They have wings and know how to use them, right? Unfortunately that means hauling out your ladder, relying on your kids to make sure it stays steady as you fill in cracks and gaps along higher points of your house.

Recipe for disaster, right? That’s the epitome of a one and done kind of job, so caulking each year isn’t ideal to keep bees, wasps, and all the stingy-est flying critters, from setting up their colonies in and around your house.

When they enter your house, they build a lovely home of their own, and take over the interior of your walls. Which means they’ll find their way into your house rather easily. When they create their little hives anywhere in, or around your house, they’ll attack you as you sit outside trying to enjoy the crisp autumn air.

Bees love to protect their home, and will make sure you know this if you get too close to their hive every time you try to spend time outside. So, be like the bees and protect your home! InstaTrim the heck out of those gaps and cracks so they move to the next house on your street and stay out of yours.

We Love Nature

Don’t get it wrong, we love nature. We just don’t love when unwanted nature wants to hang out with us in our house. There’s a place for nature, and that’s outside the comfort zone of our humble abodes!

We’re all about living peacefully with our insect friends. Our adhesive trim is non-toxic and has no toxic fumes as it creates its famous seal, so everyone stays healthy, while living in the appropriate environment: humans in houses, bugs outdoors.