business uses for instatrim

Using InstaTrim® for Your Business

We’re thrilled to offer our product as the fast solution for trimming needs to not only D.I.Y.-ers, but also businesses. When most people think about ordering our InstaTrim® as their flexible trim solution they’re purchasing it for personal use in their own home. Don’t get us wrong, we love seeing all the ways our flexible trim is being used by do-it-yourselfers.

But did you know our fast solution for trimming needs is available for business-to-business orders, too? Oh, yes. We’re able to provide InstaTrim® in bulk to all different industries.

The answer to your Business’s Trim Problems

Our alternative to grout and silicone is quickly becoming a staple in the retail DIY market. No doubt about it. Now that we’ve proven we’re a force to be reckoned with in this completely new category in the trim space, it’s now allowed us to grow and offer large companies bulk purchases. So, which businesses would benefit from purchasing InstaTrim® The Flexible Trim Solution? Quite a few, actually. Below are just a sampling of the many industries out there sending us purchase order after purchase order!


Filling gaps and cracks - it’s what we do, right? Many contractors/builders order our product to trim baseboards, along with trimming out interior glass windows for office buildings. We’ve had many commercial contractors tasked with having to find a cleaner-looking option for finishing off the gap between bathroom floors and bathtubs. Our product provides a beautiful finished look that’s easy to maintain.

RV Manufacturers

The struggle is real for RV makers when dealing with curved angles in the construction of their units. However, with our flexible trim solution, this problem is virtually eliminated! Another money and time saver for RV Manufacturers? Using InstaTrim® where flooring meets the cabinets instead of using traditional wood “quarter round’.

Food Truck Manufacturers

Our product sticks well to aluminum and stainless steel. Really, our nemesis is silicone, so if there’s no silicone and you install InstaTrim® properly, the putty adhesive just works. Companies manufacturing food trucks are big fans of our product.

Instead of using caulking along corners where aluminum sheathing meet, they’re using our flexible trim solution. It’s also a great option for food prep areas where stainless steel countertops and backsplashes meet.

Boat Builders

Ahhhh, boats. We’re extremely popular in the boat industry, especially fiberglass boats. On a fiberglass boat there’s normally modular pieces that are bolted to the fiberglass floors. Traditionally these get caulked with clear silicone.

We all know silicone degrades rather fast. As it degrades it starts looking….. well, frankly, it starts looking gross. The uglier it gets, the more it starts to come off the fiberglass. Our product is a simple answer to this dilemma, and since it has a UV stabilizer in it, it doesn't fade for a good number of years.

Floor Installation Companies

Vinyl plank flooring is a popular flooring option for many homeowners, and commercial office buildings. Installing vinyl plank flooring goes a lot faster when the installers can trim it with InstaTrim® instead of wood quarter round.

We’ve got 6 popular colors that can match the flooring, or use a contrasting color to make a design statement. If you’re working on a large-scale flooring project and need a whole lot of a custom color, we’re happy to work on this with you!

Decontamination Trailers

If you’re lucky, you’ve never had to worry about dealing with contamination at a job site. However, more than likely, if you’ve been around long enough, it’s a regular thing. More often than not, it’s either black mold, or asbestos.

When something has to be decontaminated, it requires a decontamination trailer. What does every decontamination trailer need? Every corner, crack, and gap, sealed tight. There can’t be any chance of whatever’s being decontaminated leaking out, because that would defeat the purpose of the trailer.

InstaTrim® The Flexible Trim Solution helps seal everything securely in these portable aluminum trailers, making it a much safer alternative than caulk or silicone.

Fast Solution for Trimming Needs

There aren’t many businesses that can’t benefit from our product. We’ve only touched upon a handful, without even diving into the fact that Hollywood has even found unique uses of our trim solution for costumes!

What makes our product so special to so many businesses in a variety of industries?

  • It’s a fast and simple alternative to grout and silicone.
  • We offer 2 widths, 6 colors and we can even create custom colors with MOQ.
  • We’re able to create a custom size for bulk orders, too!

If you’re a business in need of a trim solution, we’re here to create it for you in bulk so contact us to discuss your project and place your custom order with InstaTrim® today!