Use peel and stick caulk to seal the gaps in your cabin

Caulk Alternative for the Cabin

For years, I stared at poorly installed silicone caulk, as it peeled away from my backsplash gaps in my cabin kitchen, piece by piece. It was ineffective and unsightly, but I couldn’t bear the thought of trying my hand at laying down a new line with a gooey, messy caulking product. Then, I found InstaTrim® and everything changed, including my attitude.

During a break between pontooning on the lake and starting dinner, I robustly removed the old white silicone and prepped the surface with acetone. Then, I unrolled, measured and cut a light brown trim strip and laid it on the line, in just 15 minutes. The color perfectly accented the colors in my countertop, unlike the white silicone that previously resided there. InstaTrim was easy to install and didn’t make a mess on my fingers or the counter. The product is flexible and pliable in the way it conforms to surfaces. Magically, when I failed to lay a section completely flat because I was talking to my girlfriend at the same time, I could peel it back a bit and correct my mistake, without damaging the adhesive. It was literally a peel, press, perfect installation.

I’ve tried other self-adhesive strips on surfaces in the past, but they didn’t stick and do the trick, like InstaTrim. Our lake home sees a lot of action in the kitchen and the counter seating area is just above the kitchen sink and counter, where we serve food and beverages and wash dishes. It’s a gathering place for family and friends who have been known to drop crumbs or spill a cocktail, so it’s important that the cracks and gaps are sealed, with a good-looking finish.

If you’ve been staring at old silicone caulk for far too long, at home or at the cabin, try your hand at instaTrim. You’ll be happy you did.