flexible trim strips for use with vinyl plank flooring.

Using Flexible Trim Strips with Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is a great way to give any room that hardwood look without the professional installation and the hefty cost of materials. This hardwood alternative looks great, is flexible and durable, and can be found at most big box hardware stores and online retailers.

The do-it-yourself nature of vinyl plank installation makes this a great weekend project. There is no steep learning curve, and by following a few basic instructions, you’ll be finished in no time. Once the floor has been set, finish the job with InstaTrim to achieve the professional looking edge you’re aiming for.

InstaTrim comes in 6 different colors, to match or contrast with almost any vinyl flooring options you choose. This self-adhesive PVC strip is a perfect replacement for quarter-round, creating a barrier to keep dust and debris from settling in the cracks and gaps.

5 tips for a successful DIY flooring install

  1. Pry up the quarter-round shoe molding along the baseboard and remove it.
  2. Measure the room. By measuring you can accurately calculate the number of boards needed and trim the first and last row so that they are of equal width.
  3. Lay down a good quality underlay before setting your floor. This will dampen sound and provide a moisture free barrier to protect your new flooring.
  4. Leave a gap between the edge of the flooring and the wall. This will allow for expansion during hot and cold spikes.
  5. Replacing the old quarter-round molding, give your new DIY project that finishing touch by covering the cracks between baseboards and flooring with InstaTrim.

InstaTrim is available at HomeDepot.com, Walmart.com, Amazon and more fine retailers.