remodel rental property with InstaTrim

Remodel, renovate and refresh your rental property with InstaTrim®

Refresh your vacation rental property

A recent HomeAway study estimates the vacation rental industry is worth $120 billion. With competition and demand for renters, there is a real need to maintain a high level of quality, finish, and cleanliness in your rental property. As rental owners ourselves, we know first-hand that maintaining our properties requires a continuous cycle of remodeling, renovating, and deep cleaning.

The number one cause of vacation rental complaints is lack of cleanliness, and a bathroom that is in dire need of new grout can result in negative reviews. InstaTrim provides a mildew resistant, clean finish to your tub and toilet. It’s easy to apply, easy to clean and never needs to be replaced.

We know that the kitchen is one of the more challenging rooms to clean and maintain a fresh look. Nooks, crannies, and gaps between cabinets are places that are notorious for collecting crumbs, debris, and bugs. We find that a strip of InstaTrim between the wall and the cabinet or backsplash helps to ensure that your rental kitchen is tidy and clean.

Remodeling and a fresh coat of paint go a long way towards impressing your guests. The current trends of dark, bold colors and contrasting lines make painting against white ceilings and millwork a challenge. The application of InstaTrim against a contrasting paint color creates a clean edge that hides the imperfections of the paint. We use InstaTrim against the ceilings, along the baseboards, and around the windows. InstaTrim comes in six different colors, which makes it easy to match the paint or add contrast to fit your style.

As you are getting ready for your summer rental guests, take a look around and discover all of the different places that you could use a fresh bead of caulk or trim, and try InstaTrim instead. Camper and RV owners report the easy peel and press InstaTrim also works great for them.