Update and renovate a camper or RV with InstaTrim Flexible Trim

RV and Camper Remodeling with InstaTrim® Flexible Trim

Before you pack up your RV or camper to hit the road this summer, you may want to load up on InstaTrim®. From the foothills of the Carolinas to the forests of northern Minnesota, campers are trimming their countertops, floors and more with this flexible, self-adhesive trim strip.

Refresh Old Caulk with Flexible Trim

Quite often, campers and RV’s are purchased second hand and the new owners want to remove old caulk and germs by spiffing up spaces with InstaTrim. They want a caulking alternative that brings a clean, fresh look to their home away from home, while being more maintenance free. You don’t want to spend more time cleaning inside than playing outside, do you?   

Replace Quarter Round with Flexible Molding

With friends and family running in and out of your home on the road, you need something durable to withstand the foot traffic. From pop-up campers to travel trailers and RV’s, InstaTrim’s patented, self-centering wings will keep shoe dirt, grass and debris from collecting in the cervices around your floors. Customers are using it instead of quarter round because it’s flexible, fits into tight spaces, and no special tools are needed for installation. It’s also easier to keep clean, with a broom and a mop. 

Seal Out Mold and Mildew

When rain and humid conditions greet you at the campground, you can count on this peel and stick camper trim to resist mold and mildew. And, when you install it around the base of your toilet, sink, countertops and back splashes instead of caulk, it will repel the moisture that can accumulate from washing up after good, clean fun outdoors. You simply peel and press it into place for a perfect finish.

InstaTrim is also the go-to product to trim and accent wall corners and ceilings. It can add a complimenting or contrasting color to your interior, providing fashion and function.

The next time you head out for summer fun, be a happy camper inside and out with InstaTrim flexible trim molding!