What’s an Entrepreneur?

What’s an Entrepreneur?

I recently had a very interesting experience out in the fields of Fergus Falls, MN on a guided hunting trip. Our guide, David Goos, was an amazing person with all the best qualities being honest, friendly, very hard working and much more. I came to find out that he has launched a hunting apparel line of clothes called www.goosbrand.com that was started by David and his Wife in 2019. Right away this caught my attention as I have many fond memories of the early period of starting out our InstaTrim company many years ago. I had many people help me out back in the beginning and I’m aware our how important these helpers can be.  It’s all about connections and of course having a product that is sellable to the consumer. This requires many pieces coming together to be successful from having a catchy logo and brand to providing a high quality product attractive enough to get someone to purchase it. David has these and I was impressed.

Starting out with his logo, it is attractive and very simple. I saw the “goose head” right away and understood what it meant. Going to his website, it was attractive and very easy to navigate. Too many new entrepreneurs overthink these details and can create a mess. It’s easy to understand why, we want the world to see all of our hard work and how smart we are.  The consumer does not usually care to much about these details and just want a simple buying experience without wasting time wandering through a bunch of fluff.  First thing on his homepage simply says “True Waterfowl Obsession”. This says it all. Scrolling down I saw numerous pieces of apparel that I would wear and I’m not much of a bird hunter.  In addition, the baby shirts are super adorable.

David, who is 26, is extremely passionate about what he does as a guide for hunters and also is one of the countries champion bird callers (yes, that is a thing and apparently a big deal). He has won the Minnesota State Goose Calling contest and the Rogers National Goose calling contest.  His passion is very evident in his website and clothing line.

If you’re into bird hunting, David is the guy you want and can be found at www.pitproperties.com .

Remember, keep it simple, attractive and most of all, sell something the public wants or will see and feel like they need.

We wish David and his Team a lot of success and more importantly enjoy the ride, it goes very fast!

Yep, that’s me the InstaTrim guy