What’s in a Crack?

What’s in a Crack?

InstaTrim originated from this question. What’s in a crack? Well, many things you may not be aware of and some potentially dangerous. Our homes and businesses have cracks everywhere between walls, floors, countertops where they meet the walls, bathtubs, toilets, and sinks all have crack issues that most folks find ugly and unclean.

There is good reason for not leaving these cracks alone. The obvious one is that they tend to look bad and unsightly for sure. The other reason is that they do contain a lot of things we don’t want to hang around our house. A few of the more common items are bacteria, dust mites, skin cells, hair, dead bugs, soil particles, pollen, and different types of molds and mildew. Certainly, the more insidious cracks are along our floors and around plumbing fixtures in our bathrooms. The all-time winner in this category is the crack at the base of a toilet.  We can all imagine what has seeped down into this crack and tends to smell and fester if not cleaned regularly with a strong cleanser.

This is where InstaTrim can be a huge benefit and keep some of these nasty things from hanging around these areas while providing you with a much easier surface to clean. Leaving these areas sanitary and looking better than ever.

InstaTrim has three components for sealing any corner. The first one is our butyl adhesive that provides a tight seal to the application surface and since our adhesive stays soft it will move with the surfaces if they expand and/or contract. 

The second important part of our flexible molding is the wedge shape which fits perfectly into a corner, leaving now where for insidious things to lurk.

The third component is our Patented “wings” that only InstaTrim has.  Our wings will flex and conform to the application surface and provide an additional layer, sealing your InstaTrim to the application surface. Our wings conform, along with the adhesive, to irregularities along the floor and walls to create a permanent sealing system that keeps all the “nasties” from getting in these cracks. You could say, InstaTrim helps protect your family and pets.

To better help you as the consumer we have launched our new caulk and trim project kits that come complete with a roll of InstaTrim, our Applicator Tool, and for the ¾ inch wide trim, Corner and End Caps are also included, to make installation as easy as possible.

InstaTrim is manufactured in Minnesota with all USA-sourced ingredients. We are a family-owned company, and our priority is always the customer.  Don’t hesitate to give us a shout with any questions!