I see you!  What updates will get your house sold quickly.

I see you! What updates will get your house sold quickly.

The day is finally here, and you are about to list your house for sale in a marketplace that is more challenging than it was only 3 months ago. What can you do to “standout” from the competition? Review these tips and see how your home rates:

  • Update your flooring? If you have any 20-year-old Berber it is time to get rid of it and update. Consider hard surface flooring such as LVT (laminated vinyl tile), wood, tile, etc. Consumers today are more aware of your 20 year old carpeting full of two generations of dog hair and other mysteries.  Keep in mind if you switch to hard surface flooring you will need to purchase area rugs to” soften” the environment and reduce echoing in the house.
  • Fresh wall paint? A fresh coat of paint makes every home feel clean. If you haven’t painted in a while, there is no doubt smudges, fingerprints and maybe even some chips in your walls. For a small amount of money, you can quickly update the look and feel of your home.
  • Is your kitchen in the 21st century? Tile countertops, wood and old laminate will scream “remodel” and if you are not marketing your house for that type of buyer you will struggle with offers. The 2nd most important update can be cabinets. If you have the budget, replace them with a style and color for today. If you’re on a tight budget, consider painting your cabinets.  One of the hottest colors today is a “navy blue” which can change the look of a kitchen dramatically. If you do not have the time for updates, you can also stage your kitchen. Here are some tips for staging your kitchen to attract buyer quickly. 
  • What about light fixtures? Is your home full of “polished brass” light fixtures?  If you’re on a very tight budget these can be easy to paint yourself even attached to walls and ceilings!  Make sure to turn off the power first as you may be having fingers very close to bulb sockets, and you do not want a surprise 6 feet up a ladder!

These are the easy “high impact” changes that you can make in your home but some come with a hefty price tag and will take a significant amount of time to complete so keep that in mind when you are trying to determine when to list your house.

What can you do to increase the eye appeal of your home?  Don’t forget the details. Too many of us have become completely blind to numerous gaps and cracks in our homes that certainly could give a potential buyer reason for concern. Look at the following areas to determine if you have any unsightly gaps and cracks.

  • Countertops – are there any unsightly gaps between your backsplash and wall. Oddly enough, this gap can really disturb a potential buyer as some will envision years of food and dirt falling into that gap and attracting bugs.
  • Flooring – do you have small gaps where your flooring meets the wall? Chances are you installed the flooring your self and maybe you have a few areas where the flooring did not quite meet the wall.  These gaps scream out to the consumer as a poor-quality install and may cause them to question other details in the house.
  • Plumbing fixtures – We have all seen it, that gloppy, ugly caulking job that can totally destroy the appeal of a nice bathroom. Remove it and replace is with a professional looking product to add that final detail to bring it all together.  

Most of these issues are a result of poor caulking and/or inability to re-caulk yourself. InstaTrim is the perfect product to fix these areas yourself and the results are professional looking and long lasting. With our six popular colors and new corner and end trim caps you can solve these problems quickly with very little money and be proud of adding the final touches to your home.