Problem Solved!

Problem Solved!

A hair salon, a resort and casino, camping trailer manufacture and restaurants.  What do they all have in common? They have discovered InstaTrim and the easy replacement to traditional caulking in their place of business and in manufacturing. Each customer has a completely unique problem to solve and InstaTrim is the solution. A brief description of each use:

Hair Salon, Scandia, MN.  This customer was frustrated with hair clippings getting stuck under the baseboard trim in the salon making cleanup a hassle and ineffective. They installed our ¾” trim with the new corner trim pieces and solved this problem 100%. Cleanup now takes less time and the trim along the floor looks clean and professional increasing customer satisfaction and a more professional environment. Problem Solved!

Resort and Casino, San Juan Island.  This resort is an upscale location, and the casino was in the process of improving and updating the bathrooms in every room.  The casino managers were looking for a better solution for the new toilets being installed as traditional silicone caulk looked unprofessional and was difficult to properly clean. Far too often the silicone caulk lost its bond to the floor and toilet and thus collected unsightly stains and odors creating a visual problem that customers did not like and often felt that the bathrooms we’re not cleaned very well. They reached out to us regarding InstaTrim as a better solution to caulk.  InstaTrim is excellent in providing a professional flexible trim and seal around the toilet base that gave the appearance of cleanliness and was also much easier to clean than caulking. Problem Solved!

Camping Trailer Manufacturer, Nashville, TN.  Here again traditional caulking was creating an ongoing maintenance problem where over time it would lose its seal to the application surface and expose the gaps and cracks it was meant to cover.  InstaTrim was the solution by providing a flexible trim that would cover the gaps and cracks and provide a professional looking trim that matched the décor of the camper.  Campers will always flex, and common caulking would lose its bond to the surface.  Additionally, the temperatures of a camper could vary by as much as well over 100 degrees depending on the climate. Problem Solved!

Restaurant, Scandia, MN. Restaurants are easily one of the toughest environments for any caulking product. The abuse in a kitchen is extreme with the amount of water and food that may collect on any of the stainless-steel fixtures for food prep and washing stations. Silicone caulk does not last long in these applications and water will migrate between the silicone and stainless steel rather quickly. The other more significant problem is the potential for bacteria and mold to begin growing in these cracks and crevices which the health inspector is always looking for.  InstaTrim can solve these issues with a better looking, easier to clean solution.  With proper preparation, InstaTrim can last for years on these surfaces plus will save time and money on cleaning. Problem Solved!