InstaTrim, before and after baseboards

Don’t Ignore Your Baseboards & Floors

Smooth out the edges with a flexible trim solution

Cover the cracks between your baseboards and floors with InstaTrim®. It’s the perfect replacement for ¼ round, creating a barrier to keep dust and debris from settling in the cracks and gaps around baseboards. It’s easy to apply, provides a clean, professional finish and helps keep bugs from finding their way inside!

Baseboards are typically made of wood and are designed to cover the bottom of an interior wall. You may also know it as floor or base molding or mopboard because it literally serves to protect the paint on the wall from being damaged by wet mops.

InstaTrim® is a good looking, less messy alternative to traditional caulk. It is mold and mildew resistant, durable, long- lasting and is easy to keep clean. The patented design assures uniform positioning and each piece will cover up to a 1/4-inch gap. InstaTrim® is a great solution for DIY home improvement projects, camper or boat renovations, craft projects, and much more. Each box contains two 10-foot lengths and is available in several colors to match your boards and floors.

Use InstaTrim® to lay down a nice clean line between your baseboards and floors without breaking your back, covering those cracks!