InstaTrim, before and after baseboards

Don’t Ignore Your Baseboards & Floors

Baseboards are typically made of wood and are designed to cover the bottom of an interior wall. No matter how expensive your home was to build and decorate, when you ignore your baseboards and floors, it’ll look like a cheaply built house.

Installing aesthetically pleasing flexible trim hides the unsightly meeting place between floors and walls.

Where the Walls Meet the Floors

Did you know baseboards also protect your walls from wear and tear when you mop and vacuum? Yep, it isn’t just a “pretty face”. It’s got a purpose, too. This is why you may also hear it referred to as mopboard, because it literally serves to protect the paint on the wall from being damaged by wet mops. You always want baseboards installed in your home.

However, try as you might to have a clean baseboard installation, more often than not, floors and walls tend to be slightly warped and you’ll end up with a gap between the floor and the baseboard. The gap is often larger in certain areas, and can look like the craftsmanship isn’t up to snuff. When those weird cracks need coverage, InstaTrim’s there to Cover Your Crack to improve the look of your baseboard, as well as keep dust and debris from moving in and setting up shop!

Perfect Way to Smooth Out Edges

InstaTrim’s the perfect replacement for ¼ round moulding, creating a barrier to keep dust and debris from settling in the cracks and gaps around baseboards. Our easy to install flexible trim’s patented flexible wings are designed to mold around uneven surfaces, intentionally flexing so they create a tight fit against a properly prepared surface by pushing back against the surface. Once installed, it provides a clean, professional finish and as an added bonus, helps keep bugs from finding their way inside!

Plus, it’s less messy than traditional caulk, and easy to keep clean.  

Mold and Mildew Resistant

You won’t have to worry about mildew and mold if you’re installing it in your kitchens and bathrooms, as it’s mold and mildew resistant, plus it’s long-lasting so you won’t have to replace it every couple of years! What’s the least fun part about baseboards in your bathroom? Replacing caulk behind the toilet, right? Not an issue with InstaTrim. Install it, and forget about it.

Designed for Easy Home Improvements

Since InstaTrim was masterminded, created, and designed by a former builder in the home construction business, the patented design assures uniform positioning without a lot of effort when installing. It’s been designed for easy home improvements.

InstaTrim, The Original Flexible Trim truly is a great solution for DIY home improvement projects, camper or boat renovations, craft projects, and much more.

Use InstaTrim® to lay down a nice clean line between your baseboards and floors without breaking your back, covering those cracks!