InstaTrim, before and after baseboards

Flexible Trim Strips Help Keep a Sanitary Seal Between Baseboards and Floors

It is important these days to make your home, facility or business have a more sanitary environment.  Most people forget that baseboard gaps with a floor are important in to keep clean too. Thankfully, baseboard gaps with your floor can be easily sealed – cleanly - with InstaTrim™ Flexible Trim Strips.

Like countertops, those baseboard molding gaps can be unsightly. More importantly, those gaps are also a hot bed for dirt, grime, bugs, mold, hair and other debris that are allowed to populate in a space that are even hard for a vacuum and or to reach.

InstaTrim™ Flexible Trim is a sanitary trim solution 

It will not mold and has a long lifespan – unlike messy regular caulking.

Our peel and stick caulk strips also have patented, self-centering wings to assure uniform positioning on any surface. It’s flexible, comes on a roll for ease of use (also available in bulk rolls) and no special tools are needed. You simply peel and stick. The odorless adhesive remains intact with no curing time necessary and its long-lasting professional finish is durable and low maintenance.

Covering up floorboard gaps with InstaTrim™ flexible trim creates a perfect finish and that important sanitary barrier to keep dust and debris from settling in cracks around your baseboards.

We are here to help and take pride in our focus on your success. We recommend looking at our extensive support and resources information to assist you.  Its easy, and you can do this.