DIY Peel and Stick Caulking at the Cabin

DIY Peel and Stick Caulking at the Cabin

Get on the Boat Faster!

Here are a few easy cabin DIY experience questions.  Would you prefer to:

  • Play with caulking around the exterior door - or go walleye fishing?
  • Struggle through a messy caulking abomination in the shower - or join your family on the pontoon with YOUR ice cold six-pack?
  • Fix that decade old gap on your main cabin window that just leaked this spring - or start the grill?

I think we all know the obvious answers to those questions.  A cabin and DIY fixes go hand-in-hand, but minimal repairs are even more important so you can get to what you want to do there – get on the boat, relax and have fun on the lake.

Whether it’s a new cabin or its been in the family since 1937, using InstaTrim at the cabin in the same places you do at home will help reduce the need for annual caulking projects, improve places like the bathroom and kitchen to be a more sanitary environment, and even keep cold drafts from sneaking in the window or door gaps during hunting season.

Like many folks with cabins, you have probably stared at poorly installed and gross silicone caulk while dreading the day you find the energy to replace it. However, this year you arrived to find the caulking has finally peeled away from your backsplash gaps in your cabin kitchen, piece by piece. How fun is that?  Let’s do this once and for all, lay down InstaTrim instead, and you’ll feel good that you have fixed the problem for seasons to come.

“A great never ending case study for Instatrim at a cabin is our personal lake homes in Lutsen, Minnesota. They see a tremendous amount of action especially in the kitchen and counter seating area just above the kitchen sink and counter, where we serve food and beverages and wash dishes. The kitchen in our lodges are a gathering place for family and friends who have been known to drop crumbs or spill a cocktail, so it’s important that the cracks and gaps are sealed, with a good-looking finish.” 

- Greg Amundson, Inventor of InstaTrim Flexible Trim Strips

When at the cabin, you can trust that InstaTrim is easy to install and won’t make a mess on your fingers or the counter. The product is flexible and pliable in the way it conforms to surfaces. If you have unfortunately tried other self-adhesive strips on surfaces in the past, they are a cheap product produced with poor materials overseas.  They didn’t stick and didn’t do the trick.

Thankfully, Instatrim flexible trim strips are made in the USA by Americans in the small town of Scandia, MN. We focus on quality and your success in using our trim products.

If you’ve been staring at old silicone caulk for far too long, at home or at the cabin, try your hand at InstaTrim. You’ll be happy you did.  Don’t forget to leave us feedback.  Make sure to tell us about all the walleye you were able to catch instead of spending all day caulking the bathroom.