4 household items that help with DIY and Instatrim

4 Household Products You Didn’t Know Can Help on Your DIY Projects

Caulking is frustrating.

We all know there are other equally frustrating home projects, so to help, we’ll also discuss 4 common household products for uncommon projects we recommend. But first, let’s get through the obvious. You are reading this on instatrim.com, so you can probably guess we’re going to start with a product plug before we get to the 4 helpful hints. This is because we want you to know we have created an alternative that will look good, every time, because it is awesome!

We guarantee this because we use it, we get great feedback from our new and returning home and business customers - and InstaTrim ® Flexible trim strips have shot up 314% since December 2019, as homeowners, professionals and business owners across the country are replacing their caulking with our flexible trim strips. We are also on HSN, Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart for good reason and feel free to check us out and check out there instead.

OK, onwards we go for the home project DIY folks out there always looking for tips and tricks to make life easier on home and business maintenance.

As you know, with caulking, many other home projects share similar frustrations.  We asked the founder, Greg Amundson, for a few other creative strategies he would like to share with do-it-yourselfers out there, using common household items for uncommon applications.

“With years of experience in construction and owning Lutsen Lodges, I always hear the same annoyances and problems with owning a home and the projects around the house.  Caulking was the first problem I wanted to solve, which helped me come up with InstaTrim, but here are a few uncommon solutions that can help a lot!” 

-Greg Amundson, Inventor of InstaTrim®

Beyond InstaTrim ® Flexible Trim, try one of these common household items:

Good ol’ dental floss is great for:
  • Hang annoying frames, instead of twisted wire that can damage wall paint
  • Block leaky gaps around parts that screw into place by winding floss around the fitting’s threads multiple times before screwing it on.
  • Wrap rope ends with floss to stop them from unraveling
Fire up your hot glue gun for instant holding power on:
  • Plastic and light wood construction
  • Edging carpet remnants with binding tape
  • Fixing peeling lampshades
Unroll some old wrapping paper and use it to:
  • Create patterns for cutting/sawing
  • Visualize shapes and sizes by first laying them out on paper before cutting into wood, plastic and other surfaces
Crack a bottle of Nail Polish Remover (or acetone-based remover) to:
  • Remove paint from glass windows
  • Remove scuffs from floors and permanent marker from surfaces
  • Remove stains on your grandmother’s antique china dishes
And of course, (yes, you can sigh here) buy and use InstaTrim ® Peel and Caulk Trim Strips instead of tubes of messy caulking for trimming:
  • Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Baseboards and Floors
  • Ceilings and Wall Corners
  • Windows and Doors
  • And so much more

InstaTrim ® also saves you money. How?

It is common knowledge that most DIY folks and even professionals are disappointed with the results and time required from using messy caulk. We know you struggle to create a straight line and must buy countless “helpful” caulking accessory tools and techniques to get it looking somewhat acceptable. You simply don’t need to buy all of that with InstaTrim ®, so check out our helpful installation how-to guide for more information.

Betsy and Greg hope you choose flexible trim instead of caulking for your home, cabin, business - or to speed up commercial window and door caulking projects for professionals. Let us know if you have any questions on our products.

You can do this!