A Valentine Gift for Do-it-Yourselfers

Love in the Workplace Brings a Valentine Gift for Do-it-Yourselfers

Sweet beginnings 

When Cupid shot an arrow into Greg Amundson and Betsy Berge, he had no idea how many people would benefit from his handy work.

Greg Amundson invented InstaTrim®, a flexible trim product, a few years ago and stepped into the marketplace to compete with caulk. But it was stepping down the aisle with his bride and now Marketing Manager Betsy, that not only led to a successful marriage, but sales on Amazon.com and Walmart.com. “Together, we’re replacing caulk in homes and businesses nation-wide,” says Greg Amundson, “It’s exciting!”

On Valentine’s Day, the makers of InstaTrim® may enjoy a bite or two of chocolate, but they will also celebrate the sweet success of a product that their customers love all year long. With its patented flexible wings and peel and stick technology, InstaTrim® has do-it-yourselfers and industry professionals singing its user-friendly praises because it looks good, every time.

February 14th will most likely be a typical day at the Amundson’s home-based office in Scandia, MN with phone calls and the packaging and shipping of multiple colors of InstaTrim® across the country. But, they will also celebrate the love that’s making it all possible.

Greg and Betsy Amundson are proud to say that InstaTrim® is 100% made in Minnesota, manufactured in Blooming Prairie, MN and shipped from their home-office in Scandia, MN. The self-adhesive trim strips are a healthier alternative to traditional caulk. They are made of PVC and the adhesive is non-toxic and odor-free. Better yet, it doesn’t require any curing time. The product is also environmentally friendly, leaving very little waste and the packaging is 100% recyclable.

If you truly love your spouse, give them the Valentine’s Day gift of caulking made easy with InstaTrim®!