Cover Your Crack with InstaTrim

Cover Your Crack Darling!

Cover your cracks!

When it comes to covering your cracks, you need the right product. For most people, all types of cracks are unsightly and offensive to one’s eyes!

  • Plumber’s crack
  • Cracked mirrors
  • Cracked windows
  • Cracked tooth

Universal trim solution InstaTrim can’t solve the above cracks, but it can help with [drumroll please]....wall cracks. You know the ones that show up between walls and floors, cabinets and walls, countertops and backsplashes, and those huge gaps between moldings and walls!

After all the hard work, blood, sweat and tears, the last thing you want is to look around and see all the gaps glaring back at you. Those gaps, even if your Do It Yourself skills are top notch, scream “novice at home improvements”.

Do-It-Yourselfers Hide Cracks Easily

Everyone knows it’s about appearances in every aspect of home renovations. Your walls can be perfectly painted, molding hung with precision, and the decor is on point. But if your caulking skills are lacking and your gaps and cracks look like a Kindergartener filled the cracks, that’s all people will notice.

As in all areas of life, people notice the mess and mistakes, not the good stuff, or the effort! So, making a straight and consistent line is key to impress not only others, but yourself. You’re the one that has to live in the renovated rooms, right?

Since caulking presents a challenge for most do-it-yourselfers, leading to frustration in their home, sweet home, maybe consider something easier and a guaranteed clean finish to every room.

Put Your Caulk Down for Crack Coverage

It’s time to put your caulking gun aside and cover your crack with the best alternative! Husbands, wives, partners and significant others across the country are choosing InstaTrim.

Its patented, self-centering wings assure uniform positioning on any surface. It's flexible, and requires no special tools (but, we do have one to help avoid finger fatigue). You simply prep your surface area, peel off the adhesive strip, put it in place, apply pressure and watch it stick!

Darling, You Must Cover Your Crack

Covering your crack has never been so easy on the home front. However, the one on your backside may be more difficult, so we’ll leave that one up to you! Cover Your Crack Darling!