InstaTrim™ Seals the Case for Operation Honor

InstaTrim™ Seals the Case for Operation Honor

Operation Honor a perfect fit

Greg and Betsy Amundson, owners of CornerFlex, Inc, the company behind the caulking alternative, InstaTrim™, are proud to partner with Operation Honor in Owen County, Kentucky to

Operation Honor hires veterans to hand-craft burial and retirement flag cases to sell and donate to veteran cemeteries across the nation.

Joe Montgomery, the founder of Operation Honor reached out to Greg Amundson, President and owner of CornerFlex because he was looking for a product to hold the glass in place in the flag cases. InstaTrim was a perfect fit. To make things more perfect, Greg reached out to his adhesive manufacturer, Manus Products of Waconia, MN and they created and donated a custom-colored adhesive to match the wood. BioPlastic Solutions in Blooming Prairie, MN, the company that manufactures InstaTrim, also added to the cause, by donating time and materials.

InstaTrim was the spot-on solution for finishing the hand-crafted flag cases that are Made in America by American Vets.

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