uncommon household uses for instatrim

Uncommon Uses for InstaTrim®

Any time you hear caulk, you think bathrooms and kitchens, right? We get it. More often than not, it’s the same situation for caulk alternative InstaTrim®. We know how versatile flexible trim is, and even we at InstaTrim® are surprised by some of the uncommon ways our customers are using our caulk alternative.

Camouflage Cracked Corners

Some homeowners aren’t skilled at cutting and hanging corner molding. We paint our walls, but leave the corners of our rooms naked and undressed. A few months go by, and we notice a bit of a crack starting where our walls meet each other in those corners. As time goes by, the crack starts to travel all the way down the corner and our beautiful, updated room looks terrible.

Avoid the heartache! Camouflage cracked corners with our flexible trim. Sure, cracks happen in kitchens and bathrooms, so sure, these aren’t uncommon rooms to use our caulk alternative. However, these are definitely unique flexible trim uses.

Baseboards & Floors

Okay, you got us. Once again, there are baseboards and floors in kitchens and bathrooms. However, using InstaTrim® along the gaps between your baseboards and walls, along with the gaps between walls and floors, are definitely uncommon InstaTrim® uses.

Why fill those gaps? It blocks dust and pet hair from taking up residence in those hard-to-reach gaps. Another bonus when you fill the gaps: keeps pesky ants, spiders and insects out of your home. Who doesn’t love a more sanitary home, right?

Plus, it gives your room a clean, finished sleek and upscale look. With all the colors available, you can create a dramatic contrast to your walls and floors, or blend the trim in so people just notice how seamless everything looks. Bonus, you can also use it outdoors on your deck. The sky’s the limit.

Cover Smudges & Smears

Who loves to paint their own living rooms, bedrooms, and house walls? Yeah, we know, it’s probably the least fun thing to do yourself. However, who loves to save money by doing your own painting? Yeah, we figured.


Let’s face it, none of us are professional house painters. We watch the videos on YouTube showing us tips to make the process easier, and cleaner. However, the tips and tricks never quite work. How many times have you removed painters tape, and see all the wall color paint is on your white ceiling? We’re thinking every time. However, smudges and smears don’t just happen on your ceiling. They also occur along your window and door moldings (because honestly, no one removes those to paint the walls).

Whatever the case may be, we have solutions! White ceiling smudged and smeared with wall paint? Our ½” wide InstaTrim® flexible trim can be installed along your ceiling to hide much of your not-so-perfectly applied paint.

If you have smudges and smears around door and window trim, our full line of InstaTrim® sizes and colors can help transform your paint job!

Honestly, it’s one of our favorite uncommon InstaTrim® uses. It takes a “do it yourself paint job” from sloppy, to clean and polished.

Regardless of where you want to fill gaps and cracks around your house, InstaTrim® provides a quick, no-mess solution. Just peel, push into place using our helpful applicator tool, watch it stick in place, and then move onto your next home project.