InstaTrim, before and after bathroom using trim strips on the edge of the vanity

How to trim ceramic tile for the perfect edge

Should you trim your tile?

Are you on the edge when it comes to trimming tile? Caulking can be made easy with a peel and stick trim solution that covers your cracks, gives you a perfect edge every time and puts a finishing touch on your kitchen and bath.

Trimming your ceramic and stainless-steel tile backsplash and sink with caulk can be messy, not to mention that most caulk don’t even stick to metal. It’s difficult for most people to squeeze a straight line, yet with the moisture in these areas of your home, it’s important to get a good seal. And, caulk usually grows mold, loses adhesion to the application surface, and gives off toxic fumes during and after application.

InstaTrim® is a universal trim solution that is moisture resistant, doesn’t grow mold or mildew and is a healthier alternative because it’s made from a high-grade PVC and an adhesive that doesn’t give off toxic fumes. It doesn’t require curing time and will not lose adhesion over time.

Ashleigh from North Carolina was looking for a caulking alternative to use between her granite counters and the wall where there is a small gap. She wants a tile border with a modern, sleek look, so she placed an order for InstaTrim and is in the process of installing it. Check back in a few weeks for news on Ashleigh's experience along with some before and after photos.

Current InstaTrim products cover gaps up to approximately 1/4” wide. However, our customers have spoken, and soon we will be offering a wider version that covers up to a ½” gap. It is important that at least one side of the adhesive makes contact with the application surface to ensure its integrity. And, be sure to remove all of the old caulk and silicone residue before applying.

When it comes to tile edging, don’t get on edge; use InstaTrim!