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Bendable Trim Strips Help You Refresh Your Rental Properties

Vacation rental properties and Instatrim

Anyone that owns a vacation rental property knows that private rental properties have become increasingly popular in the last few years and are especially in high-demand right now with COVID-19 being at the top of all news stories. Not many people are willing to get on an airplane or stay in a hotel right these days. Instead, they are turning to any kind of rental property they can find within driving distance from home whether it be a townhome, lakeshore house, luxury home or a tiny cabin in the woods. Anything to get away from home and the crowds.

With the increased demand, comes more competition, and maintaining your property and keeping it clean is a key element to attracting guests, keeping them, as well as your cleaning crew, safe and healthy. Especially this year.

Greg Amundson, the founder of InstaTrim, who is also a vacation rental property owner, knows first-hand that maintaining a rental property, requires a continuous cycle of remodeling, renovating and deep cleaning. 

At his three rental homes, he uses his own peel and stick flexible trim to help maintain a high level of today’s sanitary requirements. Traditional caulking is prone to hold on to dirt, dust, mold and mildew and it peels away from the surface over time, requiring you to remove and replace it nearly every year. InstaTrim’s ease of use, long-term hold and mold and mildew resistance make it the perfect trim edging for anywhere in your rental home.

Never get a bad review for cleanliness of your vacation rental property

You probably already know the number one cause of vacation rental complaints are a lack of cleanliness in bathrooms and kitchens. Old, decaying and dirty grout result in negative reviews and a negative experience for your guests. Thankfully, InstaTrim bendable trim strips provide that mildew resistant, clean finish to your sink, appliances, tub and toilet. It is easy to apply, easy to keep clean and never needs to be replaced. 

Filling gaps should be a primary focus when refreshing your rental properties. Using our flexible trim between cabinets, walls, baseboards and other places notorious for collecting crumbs and debris will keep your rental tidy and clean, save time on keeping it clean and it will look great too! Its also a great way to keep spiders and other annoying bugs from finding their way inside and freaking out your guests.

InstaTrim isn’t just for floors, kitchens and bathrooms, don’t forget to look up too. The current trends of dark, bold colors and contrasting lines make painting against white ceilings and millwork a challenge. The application of flexible or bendable corner trim against a contrasting paint color creates a clean edge that hides the imperfections of the paint. You can use InstaTrim on ceilings, along the baseboards and around the windows or doors to give you a perfect edge. InstaTrim easy-to-use trim comes in six different colors, that go with nearly all décor styles or add that trendy contrast line to look fresh and up-to-date.

As you are getting ready for your autumn and winter rental guests, take a look around and discover all of the different places that you could use a refresher and try InstaTrim flexible trim instead of caulk. Even Camper and RV owners report that flexible trim is easy and works great.