instatrim mildew bathroom problem success story

Flexible Trim Strips Help Senior with Bathroom Mildew Problem

InstaTrim Success Story

Caulking is not easy.  Especially with people of any age struggling with common ailments. Shoulders, stiff necks, and arthritic hands make caulking even more difficult. As we get older, our ailments only get worse, but ironically, so does caulking when it gets older too. However, after only a short period of time of even a year, caulking can start to build up mildew, dirt, and even gaps can appear where bugs can set up shop. 

Whether you are 18 or 108, it is important to have a sanitary environment, especially these days, in your home, apartment, townhome, mobile home, and even your RV or camper. We recently received this success story letter from a senior dealing with this exact scenario in his bathroom.

Robert C. is a fellow Minnesota native with a great sense of humor. He is 74 years young, married for 54 years, not very mobile and stuck at home like most of us these days. Robert had a positive experience using InstaTrim flexible trim strips instead of caulking his aging bathroom and wanted to tell us about it. Here is his unedited letter:


flexible trim strips help senior resolve mold problems


Dear InstaTrim,

Thank you so much for creating Instatrim. I figured you would want to hear my story. I’m 74 and stuck at home, so I have time to write this as my wife and I take breaks from each other every day. I’ll try to keep it short, but no promises.

Among many mechanical issues, my bathroom had so much mildew that had snuck under the caulking, my entire house had that horrible mildew smell. Nothing like having your house smell like your garage rags. We were actually used to it, until we had to be home all the time due to the pandemic. Somehow, my son helped find us a contractor to come out and help us with resolving the entire bathroom refresh, but these days it came at an extra price – even caulking. Really?

When I saw caulking was going to be $1,275 of my bathroom project, I told the contractor I would figure that part out. Then I remembered I was 74 and have unsteady hands, when I stood there holding the caulking gun. I had also not done this in 10 years.

I remembered back then I joked that caulking expects you to be a gymnast or ninja. When caulking in bathrooms, you have to lay on the floor and hold your neck up like a judo expert and need to have steady hands like a surgeon. On a ladder at the ceiling, you feel like a gymnast standing on one leg and hopefully getting the trim cut right or caulking spread evenly on the first shot.

Ouch. My shoulder, neck, and back wasn’t going to take any of this, but the contractor couldn’t come out for another four weeks.

My son had heard of some peel and stick caulk options and did some research on the web. He found InstaTrim, thought it looked better, and then bought a 50’ white roll on I prefer going to Home Depot, but kids these days, I swear.

Your Insta trim flexible trim strip product made our summer and saved me almost $2000. With your product, it only took about two hours between my son and I to complete the bathroom. It really was what your website says – you can do this. Unfortunately, I know you guys like before and after photos of projects, but here is the only picture I took of a more detailed picture right after we did the insta-trim and before we installed all the safety equipment for my wife. 

flexible trim strips help senior resolve mold problems

I’ll try to track down an old photo for you, but then I have to deal with my scanner. Thanks again and feel free to use this letter however you wish. If you put it on AOL, I’ll probably see it though as my tech savvy-ness ended in 1995 as I write this from my Windows XP computer.


Robert C.

Edina, Minnesota


flexible trim strips help senior resolve mold problems


Thank you to Robert for his time writing this great success story.  Here at InstaTrim, our mission is to help you make DIY caulking projects go smoothly – at any age, skill level, or relevant application type.  I hope Robert’s story has helped you feel that you can use InstaTrim where you would have previously used caulking.  Stay tuned as we continue to present more success stories in the coming months.