El Cortez Hotel uses InstaTrim

Hotels Book InstaTrim® Without Reservations

The historic El Cortez Hotel gambled on Instatrim and won

InstaTrim® has made its way into the historic El Cortez Hotel at 600 Fremont Street in downtown Las Vegas. Recognizing the product’s potential, this old casino hotel is looking to embrace a new way of trimming, with a perfect line and professional look, every time.

Sold in multiple colors, InstaTrim is both functional and fashionable in hotels. The “Peel Press Perfect” process makes it easy to freshen up bathrooms, prevent dirt and debris from collecting in cracks and gaps between baseboards and floors, and can add a line of décor to any room.

With a move to this product, hotel contractors will never have to worry about messy or half-used, dried out caulk products again. 500 linear feet of flexible trim on one bulk spool of InstaTrim can replace it on all of their trimming and caulking projects. The bulk box is easy to carry and contains a quick dispensing spool, allowing users to cut the length they need and avoid splicing.

The bulk box is also perfect for:

  • Commercial and residential construction
  • New construction projects
  • Commercial maintenance companies
  • Residential maintenance
  • Painters
  • Contractors
  • RV and Boat manufacturers
  • DIY, home remodelers who need a large amount of product

We’re excited to get our product into a hotel that was the first resort in Las Vegas. The El Cortez was built at a cost of $245,000 and opened in 1941 and is one of the last remaining family-run casinos. In March of 1945, the hotel was sold to Moe Sedway, an associate of Mob Accountant Meyer Lansky and Benjamin “Bugsy” Seigel. In February of 2013, the El Cortez became the only existing casino to be placed on the National Register of Historic Places. I guess that means InstaTrim is making history!