Before and After InstaTrim

Filling Baseboard Trim Gaps

Bringing the baseboards and walls together flawlessly

As a former residential contractor, I can tell you with confidence that walls are never straight. This construction flaw causes significant, unsightly gaps between walls and the baseboards. The good news is that you can make them appear straight, by filling those gaps.  So, how do you do that?

For years, professionals have filled the gaps by sticking their finger into drywall compound and smearing it on the gap to close it. Then they have to clean up their mess by removing the excess. It’s kind of like working with paste, as we did in elementary school. After clean-up is complete, they touch up the paint on the wall.

Until recently, homeowners have had no alternative, but to hire a professional to mind the gaps in their homes or attempt to do it on their own. But now, there’s InstaTrim®. When I invented this flexible, self-adhesive trim strip, I had your gaps in mind. I had stuck my fingers into drywall compound and cleaned up my mess so many times that I was compelled to create an alternative. I wanted to invent something that would make your job easier. I also knew you needed something to replace unsightly caulk in other areas of your home. Caulk is messy, wasteful because it always dries up, and it’s impossible for the average DIYer to install.

InstaTrim can replace it all. You lay it down and walk away. Peel. Press. Perfect!

InstaTrim is a universal solution for trimming around your house, quickly and easily. For a glimpse of some of the places and spaces to Cover Your Cracks®, go to our gallery page.