Self adhesive trim strips come in multiple colors to match any floor

Self-Adhesive Trim Strips and Flooring – The Perfect Fit!

Floor trim is the perfect fit 

Floor trim should be functional but can also be fashionable. It covers unsightly gaps, while giving your baseboards and floors a finished look.

InstaTrim provides a maintenance-free barrier in multiple colors, so you can express your creativity, while laying it on the line. The flexible, self-adhesive strips keep dirt and debris from collecting under your baseboards. It can also be applied outside for decking repair

InstaTrim works with hardwood, laminate, vinyl, stone, and more. Its patented, self-centring wings assure uniform positioning and contact with any surface, as long as there is no silicone present.

If you want a professional look without the measuring and mitering, install InstaTrim, instead of quarter round. No detailed measuring is required, and no miter saw, or nail gun is needed. In fact, with InstaTrim, no special tools are required because it’s a peel and stick application. And, the pliable adhesive doesn’t dry out, so the trim moves with expansion and contraction of the surfaces.

For a perfect flooring fit and professional look, try InstaTrim!