Tips on How to work with your loved one on DIY projects

10 Tips for DIY with the One You Love

Fall in love with DIY

Greg and Betsy Amundson are no strangers to home improvement projects with their other half, and the occasional butting of heads that can occur during the DIY process. After all, as the dynamic duo behind InstaTrim®, they work together every day, on a mission make DIY easier for their customers.

Greg was a home builder before inventing InstaTrim as a caulking alternative in the kitchen and bath. With the help of his partner in business and life, it has now become a flexible trim solution around the house. Together, Greg and Betsy have installed the product, project by project, color after color, in place after place, time after time. They have also consulted with hundreds of DIYers and provided creative solutions to the challenges they face.

It’s a known fact that couples tend to argue over home improvement, but here are some tips for making DIY easier, based on Greg and Betsy’s experience at work, home and on location, with InstaTrim:

  1. Set and agree on a budget
  2. Assess attributes and talents and assign tasks accordingly
  3. Be clear with project expectations, so no one is disappointed
  4. Make sure to purchase everything you need before you get started, so no one has to run to the store in the middle of the project, feeling frustrated
  5. Allow enough time to complete the project you start
  6. Anticipate mistakes and find solutions together
  7. Dish out encouragement and compliments, before giving advice
  8. Bite your tongue and avoid swear words, at all costs - This one is very important!
  9. Avoid doing DIY projects on Valentine’s Day and your anniversary, for obvious reasons
  10. Celebrate a job well done and seek counseling when things go bad

To all of you who have successfully completed DIY projects with your spouse or significant other, we applaud you! For all of you who haven’t, we urge you to try or try again! And, we wish ALL of you a Happy Valentine’s Day!