before and after instatrim caulk alternative on commercial floors

Cut the Caulk - InstaTrim® Brings More to Commercial Floors

If you’re constructing and maintaining offices, schools, restaurants, casinos, warehouses and other commercial spaces, you now have an odorless, non-toxic alternative to caulk. InstaTrim is durable, mold and mildew resistant, and easy to clean. It’s also easy to install and no special tools or curing time is needed.

InstaTrim inventor Greg Amundson says his flexible caulk and trim solution will work in restrooms and with any other hard surface flooring. “InstaTrim is self-adhesive, will adhere to floors and walls and will not collect dirt and grime, keeping these areas cleaner,” says Amundson. “This product can replace wide rubber-based molding in medical and commercial facilities, and it will also seal the joints in clean rooms and other sensitive areas.”

InstaTrim is available in “bulk spools” for contractor installations and custom colors are available with a MOQ. As a universal trim solution, InstaTrim can also be used as a new design tool with its six common colors or have us match the color of a specific brand to be used as an accent strip in retail spaces.

You have the potential to save time and money with InstaTrim flexible floor trimming strips. Why?

  1. No need to install expensive and time-consuming quarter round trim
  2. You can match trim strip colors with your décor
  3. It seals to floor and wall trim, eliminating dirty cracks
  4. Offers a contemporary seamless look
  5. No power tools are needed
  6. The strips are permanent, non-staining and paintable
  7. There is no dust and no mess

Please note that its critical to prep the surface according to instructions, before applying InstaTrim.

Bring more to commercial floors with the flexible caulk and trim solution!