How to work with Instatrim caulk strips along your backsplash and counter

Do Caulk Strips Work?

Caulk strips can be a convenient caulking alternative, and they are easy to work with. Here’s how to make sure your caulk strips work best.

Caulk strips are a worthwhile alternative to the more involved-task of caulking. They look nearly identical to a traditional caulking job, covering surfaces and preventing bugs, dust, and dirt from coming through gaps between appliances, walls, ceilings, doors, and floors. Utility-wise, caulk strips can work quite effectively when applied correctly.

InstaTrim peel-and-press caulk strips are of the utmost quality, which ensures the strength of the trim wherever it’s placed. This strength and longevity is comparable to regular caulking or molding, but at a fraction of the cost and the difficulty. Anyone can use a roll of InstaTrim on any surface that needs additional trimming. It’s Peel, Press, Perfect. 

Which Caulk Strips Work Best?

InstaTrim is continuously commended for caulking security, whereas other strips on the market have a negative reputation because they tend to come loose immediately or look ‘cheap.’ Many say that InstaTrim looks professional because of the high quality of the adhesive and the ease of the application process. Not only is it incredibly easy, but the patented design of the InstaTrim strips allows them to conform and seal to nearly any application surface.

These surfaces include tile, wood, laminate, metal, glass and more. The only thing these peel-and-press caulk strips don’t stick to is silicone. If you are applying InstaTrim to a surface that previously had silicone caulk on it, make sure to remove all traces of the old silicone first.

How to Work with InstaTrim Flexible Trim Strips

InstaTrim caulk strips require no experience or professional help, which helps you put the DIY back into home renovations. Here’s how to install InstaTrim flexible trim. We also have handy guides on our YouTube channel.

  1. First, it’s important to ensure that there’s no silicone on the surface you are working on. Nothing will stick to silicone except more silicone. This makes it impossible for the caulk strips to conform and seal. Instructions are included in the package.
  2. Begin by measuring how much of the caulk strip you’ll need. This can be done by unrolling the InstaTrim and holding it up to the surface, or measuring the surface with a tape measure and then unrolling the InstaTrim and marking it at appropriate length. HINT: add about ⅛” to the length you need to allow for stretching during the application process.
  3. Cut the strip to the desired length. This can easily be done with a scissors or sharp razor blade held at a 90 degree angle to the strip.
  4. Begin the peel-and-press application process, by pulling the clear backing off the adhesive. Set the strip into the corner of the two surfaces to line it up, then press down firmly every few inches to start the adhesion process.

After the initial application, the perfecting process can begin. Be sure the InstaTrim is straight, if it is at all crooked you can simply peel it back and reposition it. Then you can simply push down firmly across all of the strip to ensure the gap is properly sealed. After it’s been applied, it will hold strong for years.

Caulk strips work perfectly for all of your caulking needs, both on the interior and exterior of your house. InstaTrim strips make caulking easier than ever with no mess, more ease, but the same efficiency you can rely on from traditional caulk.