InstaTrim covers stains, smears and smudges

Flexible Trim Strips Cover Stains, Smears and Smudges

Moisture damage, a bad paint job and general deterioration of your home can cause unsightly stains, smears and smudges where the ceiling meets the wall. Whether your home is loved, but worn down or about to go up for sale, you can use an easy to apply ceiling and wall corner solution.

With InstaTrim™, you can quickly cover places like cracked wall corners without drywall mud, plaster, spackle or messy sanding and painting. There is no curing or dry-time necessary, it’s instantly paintable and it leaves a smooth radius corner. InstaTrim is also the perfect solution for messy paint lines on contrasting wall or ceiling corners. 

We know you can do it because the peel and stick process is easy. Simply:

  1. Pull up a chair or a ladder
  2. Thoroughly clean and dry the wall and ceiling area where the trim will be placed
  3. Peel and stick the trim for a smooth radius corner.
  4. Step down and admire your work!

Get on track. Cover your crack with InstaTrim!